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Donald Heath Named President and CEO of Internet Society


A former executive at Transaction Network Services (TNS) and MCIDonald Heath becomes President and CEO of the Internet Society at a pivotal time in the organization and for the Internet itself. Serving in that role from 1996-2001, he leads a broad spectrum of activities focused on the growth of the Internet and associated technologies–including the Internet’s international growth, availability, and evolution—while managing the Internet Society’s responsibilities for facilitating and coordinating Internet-related programs and initiatives around the world.

Heath’s time at the Internet Society coincides with the continuing transition of the Internet from a US government-sponsored research network to the international, multi-stakeholder model that prevails today. Under Heath’s leadership, the Internet Society plays a role in shaping this transition, providing important input to the US government during the process that leads to the US National Telecommunication & Information Administration’s (NTIA)Statement of Policy on Management of Internet Names and Addresses, which ultimately leads to the formation of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Heath also serves as Chair of the International Ad Hoc Committee (IAHC), which plays an influential role in spurring broader conversation about Internet self-governance during this period.

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