Both of these were issued in response to the IETF’s RFC 7258 stating that pervasive monitoring represents an attack against the Internet. Both statements also recognize that implementing this aspiration of pervasive encryption raises some practical issues and technical challenges. In addition to network management, intrusion detection, and spam prevention, we expect there will be economic and policy challenges. Still, our end goal is an Internet where traffic is confidential by default.

To learn more about the ongoing discussion on encryption, you may want to begin by watching the video recording of our May 25, 2016, event:

Beyond the statements referenced above, we have also issued the following statements, comments or reports:

We have also published Public Policy Briefing on Encryption, available in English, French and Spanish:

We support projects that increase the use and deployment of encryption across the Internet, including:

Additionally, the W3C has issued the following findings that we find helpful:

InternetNZ has published two papers on encryption:

The World Information Technology And Services Alliance (WITSA) also issued this statement:

Finally, our Greater Washington, DC, Chapter (ISOC-DC) created this video to explain encryption issues:

We believe that encryption plays a vital role in increasing the overall trust in the Internet. Please join us in helping make pervasive encryption a reality!