Growing the Internet. For Everyone.

The Internet paves the way for people and communities to thrive.

For 33 percent of the world, on every continent, in rural, remote, and even urban communities, each day without Internet access is a day of lost opportunity.

Closing the digital divide demands passionate people and creative solutions. Through our global community, we empower and support people to bring the Internet to everyone. We work to reduce barriers to access, and make it faster and cheaper. Together, we don’t just build and maintain connections—we advocate for the right policies so that the Internet can grow.

Developing Talent for the Digital Revolution

The Internet is powered by people. From the engineers who make it work to the people who rely on it every day, we all have a role to play in keeping it a global resource—and making it available to everyone. It’s why we have been training people since the early 1990s with free courses like Introduction to Network Operations. So far, we’ve trained more than 10,000 engineers at all levels, empowering a new generation to become champions of an open and trusted Internet.

Group of people sitting behind the table and working on laptops

How We’re Growing the Internet

We help provide reliable and affordable Internet access to those who need it the most.

Connecting the Unconnected

Measuring the Internet

Sustainable Peering Infrastructure

Two people on a roof of a cottage looking at the installed equipment while the third person is standing on the ladder

We help communities build and manage their own connections.

Two people looking at the scheme on the paper

We tell data-driven stories about how the Internet is evolving and supporting people.

People sitting behind desks with computers.

We foster the growth of Internet infrastructure.

A picture of trainees in Ethiopia standing and smiling

We help build and support technical communities.

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