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Murambinda, Zimbabwe: How Did a Cyber Café Become an Internet Powerhouse?

It started with an old shipping container. Soon, welders, painters, and engineers got to work, transforming corrugated metal into Vision Internet, a vibrant community center and cyber café. Now two-decades old, it has grown into Murambinda Works, a community network that covers a 40-kilometer radius and more than 100,000 people, providing Internet to the hospital, schools, government offices, farms, and homes.
Murambinda Works shows how a community working together can make an impact far beyond their borders.

How We’re Growing the Internet

We help communities build and manage their own connections.

We foster the growth of Internet infrastructure and technical communities.

We tell data-driven stories about how the Internet is evolving and supporting people.

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Murambinda image: © UNICEF Zimbabwe/2021/Kudzai Tinago, We tell data-driven stories image: © Chris Gregory