Strengthening the Internet. For Everyone.

The world relies on a secure and trustworthy Internet.

Every minute of every hour, people connect with one another online, sharing information, ideas, and dreams.

Working with our global community, we help make the Internet a trustworthy place. Together, we advocate to keep the Internet resilient and functioning—secure wherever it reaches.

What Is the Splinternet?

You open your favorite search engine—only to be routed to a government-approved source. You try to access social media, but it’s blocked. This is the splinternet, where fragmented networks are controlled by governments or corporations, and this is what it’s like for millions of people across the world. Some countries only allow residents to access sites the government deems “safe.” Other countries want to follow their lead. If we let it gain ground it’ll destroy the Internet as we know it—and the human progress it makes possible.

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How We’re Strengthening the Internet

We make sure policy and technology developments support what the Internet needs to remain a global resource for everyone. Learn how you can get involved.

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We mobilize communities to raise our voices to protect the Internet.

We advocate for a single, global Internet and against choices that could fragment it and its multistakeholder governance.

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We ensure people everywhere have the tools to communicate securely online.

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We work on a policy framework that can be used to inform and revise policies and laws on intermediary liability.

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We lend our subject matter and technical expertise to issues that provide value to courts.

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We nurture research and collaboration into the security issues facing the Internet.

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We advocate for increased routing security.

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