Meet the Team

The Internet Society has a global team who are passionate about fulfilling the vision and mission of the organization. Read more about our team members below.

If you have an interest in joining our team, visit our Careers page to see if your passion and skills might fit a role we have open.

Rinalia Abdul Rahim

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Implementation

Blake Aubertin

Director, Financial Systems and Analytics

Hosein Badran

Regional Technical Advisor, North America Bureau

Johanna Baggen

Manager, Global Events

Howard Baggott

Director, Strategic Events

Prabina Basnet

Business Systems Analyst

Dawit Bekele

Regional Bureau Director, Africa

Sebastian Bellagamba

Regional Bureau Director, Latin America and The Caribbean

David Belson

Senior Director, Internet Research & Analysis

Katie Bengaard

Senior Manager, Operational Strategy

Constance Bommelaer de Leusse

Senior Director, Global Internet Policy and International Organizations

Mark Buell

Regional Bureau Director, North America

Agustina Callegari

Manager, Global Partners Engagement

Natalie Campbell

Director, Public Advocacy and Community Organizing

Diego Rafael Canabarro

Regional Policy Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean

Kevin G. Chege

Internet Development Manager for Africa

Jane Coffin

Senior Advisor to the CEO, Connectivity & Infrastructure

Andre Copelin

Chief of Staff to President & CEO

Toral Cowieson

Senior Director, Strategy and Evaluation

Bethany Davis

Administrative Assistant - North America

Maria Deambrosio Zas

Executive Assistant to the VP of Global Engagement

Joyce Dogniez

Vice President Community Engagement and Development

Frédéric Donck

Regional Vice-President, Europe

Kellee Elkins

Regional Community Engagement Manager, North America

Jeanette Engel

Director, Global Human Resources Strategy

Mat Ford

Technology Programme Manager

Marina Fortuna

Office Manager, Geneva

Margarita Foster

Senior Manager, Global Human Resources

April Froncek

Communications Manager

Pranita Gadi

Business Systems Analyst

Raquel Gatto

Senior Policy Manager

Beth Gombala

Senior Manager, Brand Communications

Betel Hailu

Communications Coordinator for the African Regional Bureau

Joseph Lorenzo Hall

Senior Vice President, Strong Internet

Naveed Haq

Regional Development Manager, Asia-Pacific

Sally Harvey

Director, Membership and Partnership Development

Anna Higgins

Project Coordinator, Strong Internet

Neville Hobson

Director, Digital Marketing

Farah Hoepfl

Office Manager, Reston

Nick Hyrka

Regional Community Engagement Manager, Europe

Phyllis Jackson

Administrator, Membership and Partnership Development

Katie Jordan

Senior Policy Advisor, North America

Lia Kiessling

Senior Director, Strategic Communications

Olaf Kolkman

Chief Internet Technology Officer

Konstantinos Komaitis

Senior Director, Policy Development and Strategy

Megan Kruse

Business Director, Online Trust Alliance

Matt Larson

Senior Web Developer

Gregg Lechner

Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure

Olivia Loy

Administrative Assistant

Verengai Mabika

Senior Policy Advisor - Africa

Kristi Mason

Senior Director, Brand Communications

Robert Maylath

Senior Director, Organizations Membership Relations

Lincoln McNey

Director, Global Information Technology

Kevin Meynell

Manager, Technical and Operational Engagements

Carly Morris

Manager, Internal Communications

Michuki Mwangi

Senior Development Manager for Africa

Evelyn Namara

Manager, Global SIG & Community Engagement

Victor Ndonnang

Regional Community Engagement Manager, Africa

Christian O'Flaherty

Senior Development Manager for Latin America and The Caribbean Bureau

Corinne Ogu

AMS Support Specialist

Kenneth Olmstead

Internet Privacy & Security Analyst

Steve Olshansky

Internet Technology Program Manager

Shernon Osepa

Manager, Regional Affairs for Latin America & The Caribbean Bureau

Sae Park

Senior Director, Finance and Corporate Reporting

Juan Peirano

Policy Advisor, Global Policy Development

Stine Philipsen

Chapters & Individual Members Coordinator

Julie Pizzola

Executive Assistant to President & CEO

Ryan Polk

Senior Policy Advisor

Alan Preston

Senior Director, Global Employee Engagement in Human Resources

Alejandra Prieto

Program Manager, Internet Leadership

Nancy Quiros

Regional Community Engagement Manager, Latin America and Caribbean Region

Namrata Rawal

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Andrei Robachevsky

Senior Technology Programme Manager

Israel Rosas

Outreach Manager - Latin American and the Caribbean

Christine Runnegar

Senior Director, Internet Trust

Nermine El Saadany

Regional Bureau Director, Middle East

Christine Saegesser Baethge

Director, Chapters and Individual Members Engagement

Anmol Sharma

Business Analyst Assistant

Kyle Shulman

Senior Manager, Global Engagement

Aftab Siddiqui

Technical Engagement Manager for Asia-Pacific

Rajnesh Singh

Regional Bureau Director, Asia-Pacific

Lauren Sopko

Director, Operational Strategy

Sandy Spector

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Stark

Manager, Strategy and Operations

Massimiliano Stucchi

Regional Technical Advisor-Europe

Marsema Tariku

Logistics and Events Manager, African Regional Bureau

Ceren Ünal

Regional Policy Manager- Europe

Anita Walker

Director, Partners and Members Engagement

Adrian Wan

Outreach Manager, Asia-Pacific

Sally Shipman Wentworth

Vice President of Global Policy Development

Jeff Wilbur

Technical Director, Online Trust Alliance

Robin Wilton

Senior Advisor for Internet Trust

Loyce Witherspoon

Manager, Members & Partners Engagement

Greg Wood

Director, Communications Operations and Planning

James Wood

Chief Communications Officer

Dan York

Director of Web Strategy