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Our global staff is driven by the Internet Society’s vision: The Internet is for everyone. Learn about the knowledgeable, talented, and passionate people who work here.

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Rinalia Abdul Rahim

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Communications, and Engagement

João Paulo de Vasconcelos Aguiar

Communications and Outreach Manager - Latin America

Elliot Appelstein

IT System Support Specialist

Hosein Badran

Senior Director, Internet Growth and Trust

Prabina Basnet

Director, Financial Systems

Dawit Bekele

Regional Vice President - Africa

Sebastian Bellagamba

Vice President, External Engagement

Katie Bengaard

Senior Director, Planning and Reporting

Paula Bernardi

Senior Policy and Advocacy Advisor

El Mustapha Ben Bihi

Program Specialist, Learning & Training

Neeti Biyani

Policy and Advocacy Manager

Constance Bommelaer de Leusse

Vice President, Institutional Relations and Empowerment

Akriti Bopanna

Global Policy and Advocacy Manager

Eric Bullen

IT System Support Specialist

Yiwei Cai

Senior Accountant

Agustina Callegari

Senior Manager, Community and External Engagement

Natalie Campbell

Director, Community Organizing and Public Advocacy

Kevin G. Chege

Director, Internet Development

Andy Clyde

Senior Application Developer

Andre Copelin

Vice President, Systems and Support

Noelle Francesca De Guzman

Senior Advisor, Policy and External Engagement

Julien Demierre

Director, Technology Solutions Architect

Joyce Dogniez

Vice President, Community Engagement

Nermine El Saadany

Regional Vice President - Middle East

Jeanette Engel

Senior Director, Talent, Culture and Personnel

Mônica Fast

Executive Assistant and Manager, SEQ Admin Team

Mat Ford

Technology Program Manager

Marina Fortuna

Senior Office Manager and HR Specialist

Margarita Foster

Director, Global Human Resources

David Frautschy

Senior Director, European Government and Regulatory Affairs

April Froncek

Senior Editor, Content

Pranita Gadi

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Carl Gahnberg

Director, Policy Development & Research

Susannah Gray

Director, Communications

Betel Hailu

Manager, Organization Members Engagement

Joseph Lorenzo Hall

Distinguished Technologist, Strong Internet

Naveed Haq

Regional Infrastructure and Connectivity Director

Sally Harvey

Director, Sponsorship and Partnership Development

Farah Hoepfl

Office Manager and HR Specialist

Rudo Hove

Staff Accountant

Nick Hyrka

Regional Community Engagement Manager, Europe

Phyllis Jackson

Administrator, Organization Members

Judith (Judy) Kellett

Senior Manager, Budgeting and Forecasting

Sibyl Ketcham

Senior Accounting Manager

Anna Kierstan

Senior Content Operations Manager

Lia Kiessling

Senior Director, Individual Membership and Giving

Esther Kioni

Senior Director, Training and Learning

Olaf Kolkman

Principal - Internet Technology, Policy, and Advocacy

Hanna Kreitem

Senior Advisor, Internet Technology and Development - MENA

Megan Kruse

Director, Partner Engagement and Communications

Matt Larson

Senior Web Developer

Stephanie Lee

Manager, Planning and Reporting

Ilona Levine

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Olivia Loy

Executive Assistant

Verengai Mabika

Senior Policy Advisor - Africa

Scott Manser

Director, Business Systems

Kristi Mason

Head of Marketing Communications

Robert Maylath

Senior Director, Organization Members

Tolulope McCary

Software Developer Generalist

Kevin Meynell

Senior Manager, Technical and Operational Engagement

Jean Baptiste Millogo

Internet Technology and Development Expert

Carly Morris

Senior Strategist, Content

Gregory Morrison

Senior Front-end Developer

Michuki Mwangi

Distinguished Technologist, Internet Growth

Sabina Nabi

Manager, Accounts Payable and Cash Management

Victor Ndonnang

Manager, Community Engagement - Africa

Kara Niles

Senior Director, Partnerships and Fundraising

Karen O'Donoghue

Director, Internet Trust and Technology

Christian O'Flaherty

Regional Vice President - Latin America and The Caribbean

Kelly O'Hara

Digital Marketing Manager

Corinne Ogu

Association Management System Support Specialist

Kenneth Olmstead

Senior Internet Security and Privacy Expert

Steve Olshansky

Director, Trust, Technology, Policy and Strategy

Elizabeth Oluoch – Do Canto

Director, International Institutions and Relations

Shernon Osepa

Director, Caribbean Affairs and Development

Sae Park

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Juan Peirano

Senior Policy Advisor

Stine Philipsen

Individual Memberships and Campaigns Manager

Amreesh Phokeer

Internet Measurement and Data Expert

Julie Pizzola

Executive Assistant to President and CEO

Marian Pletosu

Empowerment Program Advisor, Learning and Training

Ryan Polk

Director, Internet Policy

Alejandra Prieto

Senior Manager, Fellowship Programs

Nancy Quiros

Senior Manager, Community Engagement - Latin America

Andrei Robachevsky

Senior Director, Technology Programmes

Esther Rodze

Senior Accountant, Budgeting and Forecasting

Israel Rosas

Senior Regional Development Manager

Mike Ross

Senior Business Systems Manager

Christine Runnegar

Senior Director, Internet Trust

Hana Sabbagh

Community Engagement Manager – Middle East

Christine Saegesser Baethge

Senior Director, Chapters and Individual Members

Sebastián Schonfeld

Senior Communications and Advocacy Advisor

Kyle Shulman

Senior Manager, Community Engagement

Aftab Siddiqui

Senior Manager, Internet Technology - Asia-Pacific

Rajnesh Singh

Regional Vice President - Asia-Pacific

Lauren Sopko

Senior Director, Collaborative Systems

Massimiliano Stucchi

Regional Technical Advisor - Europe

Aisyah Shakirah Suhaidi

Community Engagement Manager, Asia-Pacific

Andrew Sullivan

President and Chief Executive Officer

Marsema Tariku

Senior Manager, Translations

Pranav Tiwari

Empowerment Program Specialist, Fellowships

Callum Voge

Senior Government Affairs and Advocacy Advisor

Adrian Wan

Senior Policy and Advocacy Manager

Sally Shipman Wentworth

Senior Vice President, Project Staff

Jeff Wilbur

Senior Director, Online Trust

Robin Wilton

Director, Internet Trust

Ashlyn Wittwer

IT Systems Support Advisor

Dan York

Director, Online Content