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It is impossible to imagine the world without the Internet. It has transformed how we live.

At the Internet Society, we work to bring the Internet to those who need it, while defending it from the forces that threaten it—so everyone has access to the opportunities it brings. Read about our work.

Meeting a Northern Community’s Needs with Reliable and Affordable Internet

There are 33 communities in Canada’s Northwest Territories, many of which are home to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people. The territory’s vast geography and remote nature of many of the communities has made it difficult to introduce fast, affordable, and reliable Internet. The Internet Society helped find a solution that meet the community’s unique needs for connectivity—a lifeline during Canada’s most intense wildfire season on record.

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Encryption Empowers and Protects People

Encryption safeguards the personal security of billions of people and the national security of countries around the world. As a member of the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC) Steering Committee, we promote and defend encryption in key places where it is under threat. Hear stories about how strong encryption is making a difference—empowering people and keeping them safe online and offline.

Bringing the Internet to One of the World’s Most Remote Places

Despite being just a few kilometers away from the famous trail leading to the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal, the villages of Khunde and Khumjung have few economic opportunities. Some villagers work as guides or porters, and live off subsistence farming. Young people tend to leave to attend school or find work in the capital Kathmandu. A pilot Internet network, initiated by the Nepal Internet Foundation with support from the Internet Society, is creating opportunity closer to home.

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Protecting the Internet, Securing a Future of Opportunity

The Internet puts us closer to what we care about the most. It transforms our lives and our society for the better. It gives the gift of opportunity. But it doesn’t belong to a single person, government, or corporation—it’s a global resource made valuable by its borderless nature, vast and far-reaching. It is powered by many people, for many people. Here are some stories that show how we are protecting the Internet to keep it a valuable, life-transforming resource for everyone for years to come.

Using Internet Connectivity to Dismantle Historic Inequalities

Modern Internet can feel like a given in the United States, but even in the 21st century, areas without enough federal, state, and regional support are left in the cyber dark. Where traditional solutions failed to meet people’s Internet needs, a local entrepreneur brought connectivity to his community through a community network with support from the Internet Society.

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Reaping the Benefits of the Internet in a Farming Economy

Residents of Espírito Santinho, a community traditionally reliant on farming, were unconnected from the Internet. The community was shut out that’s traditionally relied on a farming economy. Residents were shut out by traditional Internet providers, who prioritized residents in the urban area. Now, with help from the Internet Society, the community’s championing a connectivity model that other rural areas in Brazil can benefit from—while improving the lives of its own residents.

Coming Together to Build Internet for Their Community

Limited Internet access in the region of Ararat was limiting opportunities. The whole village relied on mobile connectivity with data caps to get online. Left behind by service providers because of their remote location and costly infrastructure investment, high-speed Internet was just a dream. But this started to change when the village came together to build a fiber community network.

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The Power of Community Networks

Across the globe, people are uniting to establish and sustain their own Internet access in areas underserved by conventional providers. These visionaries, including farmers, students, entrepreneurs, teachers, and engineers, share a common objective: to connect their communities to the Internet. We help them. In the past three years, we have backed over 50 communities worldwide. Delve into their compelling narratives.

2022 Impact Report: Safeguarding the Internet

During a year marked by significant change, the Internet gave us access to reliable information, social interaction, and chance for progress.

Discover how we tackled challenges and bridged gaps to ensure the Internet remained an essential resource for all.

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You Can Power Possibilities Too

Our work helps connect people and keep the Internet secure. With your donation, we can help ensure the Internet is for everyone.

You Can Power Possibilities Too.

Our work helps connect people and keep the Internet secure.

With your donation, we can help ensure the Internet is for everyone.

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