Affiliated Sites

The Internet Society supports a range of other projects, events and initiatives that are found on other web sites. Some of these sites are maintained by the Internet Society and operate on our infrastructure. Some are direct Internet Society projects, while others are sites we operate on behalf of other organizations or communities.

You can see the most recent content published across all our sites at:

Current sites operated by the Internet Society

Internet Society Projects:

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Internet Society Chapter and SIG websites

The Internet Society has chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) located around the world. These organizations operate their own separate websites. We maintain a map and list of Chapters that includes links to their sites. You can view the content of Chapters and SIGs that regularly publish content at:

Sites of organizations with which the Internet Society is involved

The Internet Society supports the activities of these organizations, but is not directly involved in the operations of the websites.

Older sites still maintained by the Internet Society

Older sites now archived at the Internet Archive