Over the years, the Internet Society has supported inspirational work by people who believe in the power of the Internet. The launch of the Internet Society Foundation during the first quarter of 2019 will be a major milestone for our organization, reflecting the next step in our grants-giving programs and opening new opportunities for initiatives closely aligned with our mission. As a central source for all of our grants programs, it gives us maximum flexibility to expand opportunities for our community and to extend our reach into new areas where we can make a positive impact.

The initial Foundation grant programs, as outlined in the 2019 Action Plan, include:

Beyond the Net Funding Programme. Chapter grant funding for local and regional projects aligned with the Internet Society’s mission.

Community capacity building. Support for broader initiatives that improve Internet access and bridge the digital opportunities gap.

Disaster relief and recovery. Support to partner efforts to ensure communities can be reconnected quickly after natural disasters.

Research. The Foundation will explore opportunities to fund research and strengthen research capacity across technical, economic and public policy topics.

Innovation. This fund will encourage and fund technology initiatives and innovative technologies that contribute to the open Internet.

The Foundation will also provide $5 million to the newly-established IETF Administration LLC in 2019 and 2020 as part of the Internet Society’s ongoing commitment to a strong IETF.

The Internet Society Foundation will be closely managed to maximize its impact and to ensure that we as an organization can learn what to do to operate a foundation. Specific measures to determine effectiveness will be the first priority for a planned Executive Director. This is an exciting new period in the Internet Society’s history, where we will support and showcase the positive difference the Internet can make and deliver impact around the world.

More information can be found on Foundation website.

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Photo credit: Internet Society / Nyani Quarmyne / Panos Pictures