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Over the years, the Internet Society has supported inspirational work by people who believe in the power of the Internet.

The launch of the Internet Society Foundation during the first quarter of 2019 was a major milestone for our organization, reflecting the next step in our grants-giving programs and opening new opportunities for initiatives closely aligned with our mission. As a central source for all of our grants programs, it gives us maximum flexibility to expand opportunities for our community and to extend our reach into new areas where we can make a positive impact.

The Foundation’s grant programs, as outlined in the 2022 Action Plan, include:

Beyond the Net Funding

Helping Internet Society Chapters around the world implement local and regional projects that advance the vision of the Internet is for everyone.

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Building Opportunities and Leveraging Technology

Supporting teams of innovators working to expand the possibility of Internet connectivity and access globally through the development of prototypes and pilots.

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Emergency Response

Providing funding to organizations working on projects that utilize the Internet to improve lives during or in response to an emergency situation.

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The Foundation will also provide funding to the newly-established IETF Administration LLC as part of the Internet Society’s ongoing commitment to a strong IETF.

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Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Events

Supporting the organization of IGF events at the local, national, regional and global levels, as well as Schools of Internet Governance.

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Funding global research collaborations that advance understanding of the Internet and its utility for all.

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Supporting projects that increase network resiliency in communities prone to natural and climate-related disasters, so that these communities will be better able to prepare for and withstand the effects of natural and climate-related disasters on Internet connectivity.

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Strengthening Communities, Improving Lives and Livelihoods

Expanding economic growth and increasing educational opportunities by supporting individuals and communities to more knowledgeably and skillfully use the Internet.

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