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Join a global movement

We are thousands of members working to build an Internet for everyone, everywhere

Our members shape the future

You can help preserve the foundations on which the Internet was built and join us in keeping it open, global and available to all.


Champion an open Internet for all

Our community works on projects around the world through more than 100 chapters, interest groups and online collaboration.


Collaborate and network

Expand your global network, learn from people who are using technology to improve lives. Members can join local chapters, participate in online discussion groups, attend events, and stay updated on the issues that are most important to you.


Get support for your work

The Internet Society supports members in creating and funding projects that help communities benefit from the opportunities the Internet can bring.

Become a member

Our code of conduct has been implemented to guide our community and foster an open and secure environment. Please be sure to read it before getting started!

Take the next step with a local chapter

Chapters enables members to network and organize locally, focusing on communities and issues most important in their areas.

Find Your Chapter

The boundaries and names shown on this site do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Internet Society concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area of its authorities. Dotted and dashed lines on maps represent approximate border lines for which there may not yet be full agreement.

List of Chapter Locations

Afghanistan Chapter

Website: internetsociety.af

Contact Email: info@internetsociety.af

Chartered August 2016.

Argentina Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.ar

Contact Email: isoc@isoc.org.ar

Chartered January 1995

Armenia Chapter

Website: www.isocchapter.am

Contact Email: info@isocchapter.am

Chartered May 2007

Australia Chapter

Website: www.internet.org.au

Contact Email: info@internet.org.au

Chartered February 1997

Bahrain Chapter

Website: www.isoc.bh

Contact Email: info@btechbh.org

Chartered July 2001

Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter

Website: internetsociety.org.bd/

Contact Email: isoc.bd.dhaka@gmail.com

Chartered July 2011.

Barbados Chapter

Website: www.isoc.bb/

Contact Email: chair@isoc.bb

Belgium Chapter

Website: www.internetsociety.be

Contact Email: info@isoc.be

Chartered November 1998. Rejuvenated in 2019.

Benin Chapter

Website: www.isoc.bj

Contact Email: contact@isoc.bj

Chartered March 1999

Bolivia Chapter

Website: www.isoc.bo

Contact Email: rzambrana@gmail.com

Chartered in January 2011

Botswana Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.bw

Contact Email: pchere@nyit.edu

Brazil Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.br

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.br

Chartered: January 1998. Rejuvenated in 2010-2011.

Bulgaria Chapter

Website: www.isoc.bg

Contact Email: isoc-bul@isoc.bg

Chartered October 1997

Burkina Faso Chapter

Website: isoc-burkina.org/

Contact Email: contact@isoc-burkina.org

Chartered April 2014

Burundi Chapter

Website: Not available

Contact Email: victor@isoc.bi

Chartered February 2007

Cameroon Chapter

Website: www.internetsociety.cm/

Contact Email: info@isoc-cameroon.org

Chartered April 2000. Rejuvenated in 2010-2011.

Canada Chapter

Website: www.internetsociety.ca

Contact Email: contact@internetsociety.ca

Chaptered March 2013.

Canada Québec Chapter

Website: isoc.quebec

Contact Email: info@isoc.quebec

Chartered April 2000

Chad Chapter

Website: isoc.td/

Contact Email: secretariat@isoc.td

Chartered December 2008

Colombia Chapter

Website: isoc.co/

Contact Email: contacto@isoc.co

Chartered December 2002. Please contact Chapter-Support@isoc.org for more information.

Congo Chapter

Website: www.isoc.cg/

Contact Email: kissangou@gmail.com

Chartered February 2007

Costa Rica Chapter

Website: www.isoc.cr

Contact Email: info@isoc.cr

Chartered December 2010

Cote d'Ivoire Chapter

Website: internetsociety.ci

Contact Email: info@internetsociety.ci

Chartered February 2008

Democratic Republic of Congo Chapter

Website: Not available

Contact Email: vpchapter.drc@gmail.com

Chartered February 2007

Dominica Chapter

Dominican Republic Chapter

Website: isoc-rd.org.do

Contact Email: info@isoc-rd.org.do

Ecuador Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.ec

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.ec

Chartered March 2001

Egypt Chapter

Website: www.internetmasr.org

Contact Email: isoc.eg@gmail.com

Chartered March 1997. Rejuvenated April 2013.

El Salvador Chapter

Website: www.isoc.sv

Contact Email: lito@ibarra.sv

Estonia Chapter

Website: isoc.ee

Contact Email: juhatus@isoc.ee

Chaptered February 2013.

Ethiopia Chapter

Finland Chapter

Website: www.isoc.fi

Contact Email: president@isoc.fi

Chartered March 1999

France Chapter

Website: www.isoc.fr

Contact Email: bureau@isoc.fr

Chartered March 1996

Gambia Chapter

Website: isoc.gm

Contact Email: info@isoc.gm

Rejuvenated Dec 2011.

Georgia Chapter

Website: isoc.ge

Contact Email: sandro_karumidze@hotmail.com

Chartered December 2000

Germany Chapter

Website: www.isoc.de/

Contact Email: sek@isoc.de

Chartered March 1996

Ghana Chapter

Website: www.isoc.gh/

Contact Email: secretariat@isoc.gh

Chartered February 1997

Guatemala Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.gt/

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.gt

Guinea Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.gn/

Contact Email: isoc@isoc.org.gn

Guyana Chapter

Website: Not available

Contact Email: isocgy@gmail.com

Haiti Chapter

Honduras Chapter

Website: isoc.org.hn/

Contact Email: contacto@isoc.org.hn

Hong Kong Chapter

Website: www.isoc.hk

Contact Email: sec@isoc.hk

Chartered November 2005

India Bangalore Chapter

Website: isocblr.org

Contact Email: isocblr@gmail.com

Chartered June 2010

India Chennai Chapter

Website: isocindiachennai.org

Contact Email: isocindiachennai@gmail.com

Chartered in August 2007

India Delhi Chapter

Website: Not available

Contact Email: amritachoudhury8@gmail.com

Chartered December 2002. Rejuvenated in November 2008.

India Kolkata Chapter

Website: isockolkata.in/

Contact Email: info@isockolkata.in

Chartered January 2009

India Mumbai Chapter

India Trivandrum Chapter

Website: isoctrv.in/

Contact Email: srinitvm@ieee.org

Chartered Feburary 2015.

Indonesia Jakarta Chapter

Website: isoc.id/

Contact Email: info@isoc.id

June 2014 Please contact Chapter-Support@isoc.org for more information.

Israel Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.il

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.il

Chartered January 1995

Italy Chapter

Website: www.isoc.it

Contact Email: web@isoc.it

Chartered June 1999

Jamaica Chapter

Japan Chapter

Website: www.isoc.jp/

Contact Email: contact@isoc.jp

Kazakhstan Chapter

Website: Not available

Contact Email: v.pyagai@gmail.com

Chapter currently forming. Please contact Chapter-Support@isoc.org for more information.

Kenya Chapter

Website: isoc.or.ke/

Contact Email: info@isoc.or.ke

Chartered May 2012

Kyrgyzstan Chapter

Website: isoc.kg

Contact Email: isabek22@yahoo.com

Lebanon Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.lb

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.lb

Chartered June 2010

Lesotho Chapter

Website: Not available

Contact Email: ithabeleng.moreke@vodacom.co.ls

Liberia Chapter

Website: internetsociety.org.lr

Contact Email: togbahmatt@yahoo.com

Chartered November 2009

Madagascar Chapter

Website: isoc.mg

Contact Email: admin@isoc.mg

Malaysia Chapter

Website: isoc.my

Contact Email: ec@isoc.my

Chartered April 2010

Mali Chapter

Website: www.isoc.ml

Contact Email: info@isoc.ml

Chartered June 1998

Malta Chapter

Website: www.isocmalta.org/

Contact Email: info@isocmalta.org

Chartered 12 June 2014.

Mauritania Chapter

Website: Not available

Contact Email: isoc_mauritania@yahoo.fr

Chartered in March 2008

Mexico Chapter

Website: www.isoc.mx

Contact Email: lmartinez@isoc.mx

Chartered December 1995

Montenegro Chapter

Website: isoc.me/

Contact Email: danica.celebic@gmail.com

Morocco Chapter

Website: www.misoc.ma/

Contact Email: mrabet.radouane@yahoo.com

Chartered April 1996

Namibia Chapter

Nepal Chapter

Website: www.internetsociety.org.np

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.np

Formed April 2007

Netherlands Chapter

Website: isoc.nl/

Contact Email: voorzitter@isoc.nl

Nicaragua Chapter

Website: isoc.org.ni

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.ni

Niger Chapter

Website: Not available

Contact Email: ousmane@musatesa.net

Chartered June 2000

Nigeria Chapter

Website: www.isoc.ng

Contact Email: info@isoc.ng

Chartered June 1998

Norway Chapter

Website: isoc.no/

Contact Email: post@isoc.no

Chartered April 1995. Rejuvenated August 2013.

Pacific Islands Chapter

Website: www.picisoc.org/

Contact Email: info@picisoc.org

Chartered July 1999

Pakistan Islamabad Chapter

Website: www.isoc.pk

Contact Email: president@isoc.pk

Chartered June 2013

Palestine Chapter

Website: www.isoc.ps/

Contact Email: internetsociety.palestine@gmail.com

Chartered December 2002

Panama Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.pa

Contact Email: isoc.org.pa@gmail.com

Paraguay Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.py

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.py

Chartered November 2013.

Peru Chapter

Website: isoc.pe

Contact Email: eford@ddint.org

Chartered April 1998

Philippines Chapter

Website: www.facebook.com/isoc.ph/

Contact Email: w.yu@gmx.net

Chartered August 1999. Rejuvenated in January 2009.

Portugal Chapter

Website: isoc.pt

Contact Email: secretariado@isoc.pt

Chartered January 2011

Puerto Rico Chapter

Website: www.isocpr.org

Contact Email: info@isocpr.org

Chartered November 2001

Russia Chapter

Website: www.isocru.org

Contact Email: support@isocru.org

Chaptered April 2013

Rwanda Chapter

Website: www.internetsociety.rw

Contact Email: info@internetsociety.rw

Chartered October 2010

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Chapter

Website: www.isoc.vc

Contact Email: svgigcp@gmail.com

Senegal Chapter

Website: www.isoc.sn

Contact Email: isoc@isoc.sn

Chartered July 2001

Serbia Belgrade Chapter

Website: isoc.rs/

Contact Email: secretariat@isoc.rs

Chartered November 2008

Sierra Leone Chapter

Website: isoc.sl

Contact Email: salieum@gmail.com

Chartered in May 2007

Singapore Chapter

Website: isocsg.org

Contact Email: ghane0@gmail.com

Chartered June 2011

Slovenia Chapter

Website: www.isoc.si/

Contact Email: clani@isoc.si

Chartered December 2002

Somalia Chapter

Website: som-isoc.org

Contact Email: abdirizak@som-isoc.org

Chartered January 2011

South Africa Chapter

Website: internetsouthafrica.org.za

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.za

Chartered June 1998.

South Africa Gauteng Chapter

Website: isoc-gauteng.org.za

Contact Email: moepi@isoc-gauteng.org.za

Chaptered November 2013.

Spain Aragon Chapter

Website: www.unizar.es/isocara/

Contact Email: andres.gomez@feterand.com

Chartered January 1998

Spain Canary Islands Chapter

Spain Catalonia Chapter

Website: www.isoc.cat

Contact Email: info@isoc.cat

Chartered May 1997

Spain Chapter

Website: www.isoc-es.org

Contact Email: victoriano+isoc@uma.es

Chartered December 1999

Spain Galicia Chapter

Website: isoc.gal/

Contact Email: marcus@isoc.gal

Chartered April 1999

Sri Lanka Chapter

Website: www.isoc.lk/

Contact Email: president@isoc.lk

Chartered December 2010

Sudan Chapter

Website: isoc.sd

Contact Email: info@isoc.sd

Sweden Chapter

Website: www.isoc.se

Contact Email: homeof@isoc.se

Chartered March 1997

Switzerland Chapter

Website: www.isoc.ch

Contact Email: board@isoc.ch

Chartered May 2012

Taiwan Taipei Chapter

Website: www.isoc.org.tw

Contact Email: louk.chi@isoc.org.tw

Chartered July 1996

Tanzania Chapter

Website: www.isoc.ne.tz

Contact Email: secretariat@isoc.ne.tz

Thailand Chapter

Website: www.isoc-th.org

Contact Email: charm@ksc.au.edu

Chartered October 1996

Togo Chapter

Website: www.internetsociety.tg

Contact Email: isoctogo@isoc.tg

Chartered December 2008

Trinidad and Tobago Chapter

Website: www.isoc.tt/

Contact Email: executive_committee@isoc.tt

Chartered December 2011

Tunisia Chapter

Website: www.isoc.tn

Contact Email: info@isoc.tn

Chartered August 2006 Chapter is registered and has valid Bank account

Turkey Chapter

Website: isoc.org.tr

Contact Email: info@isoc.org.tr

October 2014. Please contact Chapter-Support@isoc.org for more information.

Uganda Chapter

Website: isoc.ug/

Contact Email: info@internetsociety.ug

Chartered June 1998. Rejuvenated 2011.

UK England Chapter

Website: www.isoc-e.org

Contact Email: contact@isoc-e.org

Chartered October 1999

Uruguay Chapter

Website: www.isocuy.org

Contact Email: board@isocuy.org

Chartered June 2010

US Colorado Chapter

Website: www.coisoc.org

Contact Email: kmulber@gmail.com

Chartered February 2008

US Hawaii Chapter

US Illinois Chapter

Website: isoc-il.org

Contact Email: sagbohan2@gmail.com

US New Mexico Chapter

US New York Chapter

Website: isoc-ny.org

Contact Email: admin@isoc-ny.org

Chartered December 1997

US Philadelphia Chapter

Website: www.isoc-phila.org

Contact Email: info@isoc-phila.org

Chartered January 2008

US San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Website: www.sfbayisoc.org/

Contact Email: info@sfbayisoc.org

Chartered February 2009

US Washington D.C. Chapter

Website: isoc-dc.org

Contact Email: chapter@isoc-dc.org

Chartered October 1994. Rejuvenated in 2009-2010.

Venezuela Chapter

Website: isocve.org

Contact Email: contacto@isocve.org

Re-chartered May 2007.

Yemen Chapter

Website: www.isoc.ye

Contact Email: contact@isoc.ye

Chartered August 2013.

Zimbabwe Chapter

Website: isoc.org.zw/

Contact Email: nomagean@yahoo.co.uk

Chartered September 2013

See all chapters

List of Special Interest Groups

Accessibility SIG

Website: a11ysig.org/

Contact Email: info@a11ysig.org

Blockchain SIG

Website: isoc-bsig.org

Contact Email: info@isoc-bsig.org

Community Networks SIG

Website: cnsig.info

Contact Email: contact@cnsig.info

Cybersecurity SIG

Internet of Food SIG

Internet of Things SIG

Website: iotsig.org

Contact Email: yvk2010@gmail.com

InterPlanetary Networking SIG

Website: ipnsig.org

Contact Email: mjjsnell@ipnsig.org

Chartered February 2014

Rural Development SIG

Youth SIG

Website: youthsig.org/

Contact Email: odjuventud@gmail.com

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