A man in Kenya stands on the roof of a building where a community network point of presence is located.

The Internet is Making Elections More Transparent 

The Internet plays a critical role in improving election transparency. In 2022, Kenya saw just how crucial a resilient connection is.

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Photo of the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC

US Supreme Court Upholds Right of Websites to Moderate Content 

In a decision on the NetChoice cases, the US Supreme Court upheld the rights of social media platforms to moderate content ...
A group of Sherpas in Khunde and Khumjung taking an Internet training course

Return to Everest: Happily Connected Sherpas

Many of us who have had reliable Internet access for years can easily take it for granted and not notice the impact it has on our lives. A community in ...
Photograph of Sally Wentworth

What Makes The Internet? People Coming Together

The Internet Society was created to bring together a global community to advance the Internet. Internet Society Managing Director and Incoming CEO, Sally Wentworth, speaks about the community that has ...
person running in a field

The Wellness Side of the Run the Internet Challenge

Run the Internet for a healthier you and a healthier Internet. Join the challenge today! ...
Graphic illustration representing a track with the text "Run the Internet"

Run the Internet With Us: A 7-Day Movement Challenge

Join the Run the Internet challenge from 5-11 June 2024 to support a globally connected Internet—for all of us ...
Photograph of Canadian flag flying in front of the Parliament building.

Bill S-210 Threatens Canadians’ Access to the Internet 

Canadian Bill S-210 threatens to break the Internet in Canada and fragment Canadians' access. Help spread the word that it must not pass ...
A photograph of three people in business attire standing and talking

It Takes a Community to Defend the Internet

A multistakeholder approach to Internet governance enables more voices to be heard. Coming together as a community amplifies our message ...
Photograph of multiple padlocks locked onto a grid fence

The US Makes a Big Step Toward Better Routing Security

The US Department of Commerce began implementing better routing security practices—a step in the right direction for wider MANRS adoption ...