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It Takes a Community to Defend the Internet

A multistakeholder approach to Internet governance enables more voices to be heard. Coming together as a community amplifies our message.

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View of a highway with traffic in Kinshasa, DRC

The Decade That Changed The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Internet

In just under 10 years, IXPs helped the DRC improve its Internet accessibility and started the country on its digital journey ...
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Keeping Kids Safe Online: Navigating the New Parents’ Guide to Encryption

Do you know how you're keeping your kids safe online? Using encryption, there are simple changes you can make as a family to stay safe ...
A group of people sitting at tables with their laptops, watching a presentation at NDSS Symposium

Lessons from Past Sins and Corruption Can Bolster Future Network Security: NDSS Symposium 2024 

The NDSS Symposium returns to San Diego, USA, from 26 February to 1 March 2024. Discover the topics and sessions and register today ...
Photo of a silhouette of a person standing on top of a hill with city lights in the distance.

What Happens When the Internet Shuts Down?

In Manipur, India, residents had to live their lives without the Internet for over seven months when they experienced an Internet shutdown ...
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Advancing Digital Africa: Empowering Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Benin, Malawi, and Rwanda

The Internet Society and ICANN partnered to help empower IXPs in Africa to improve Internet access by making it faster and more affordable ...
Group of women browsing the Internet on a computer

Do We All Experience the Same Internet?

If any two people across the world from each other access the Internet at the same time, will they experience the same thing? To answer this question, some people may ...
Photo of the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC

Can You Kick the Trolls Out Of Your Online Forum? U.S. Supreme Court to Decide

Should the governments of Texas and Florida decide whether and how online discussion sites can moderate their posts? Let’s say you have an online community about the town you live ...
Aerial view of Casablanca, Morocco

How Internet Exchange Points are Expanding and Improving Internet Access in Morocco 

If you needed to send a letter to your neighbor, you wouldn’t choose to send it via airmail across the continent and back first. Yet, this is how Internet traffic ...