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UK Online Safety Bill Set to Weaken Encryption and Put UK Internet Users At Risk

The Internet Society joins the UK England Chapter in calling for a redraft of the UK’s Online Safety Bill so that it protects strong encryption and recognises its vital role in protecting users online. Despite claims it seeks to protect users online, the recent draft of the Bill threatens to drive strong encryption from the market and place UK Internet users at greater risk than ever before. The draft Online

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Global Encryption Day – A Worldwide Success!

More than 70 events were held worldwide, and 168 organizations signed the Global Encryption Day Statement to reject efforts to undermine encryption ...
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The Week in Internet News: Facebook Rebrands After Controversies

Facebook Meta-morphosizes; high-speed hacking; Iberian Internet expansion; even more satellite broadband; Internet shutdown in Sudan ...
Community Week: An Online Event, But Not as You Know it!

Community Week: An Online Event, But Not as You Know it!

From grassroots initiatives to groundbreaking change, Community Week will highlight how the Internet Society community is addressing key Internet challenges ...
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The Week in Internet News: Snowden Warns of Anti-Encryption Efforts

Snowden speaks out at Global Encryption Day; Russia censors Internet comms; housing broadband issues; Facebook renaming?; Trump's Truth Social ...
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Global Encryption Day – Help us Champion Strong Encryption

The first ever Global Encryption Day takes place on 21 October, 2021. An initiative from the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC), Global Encryption Day is an opportunity for businesses, civil society ...
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The Week in Internet News: Using Esports to Fight Cybercrime

International cybersecurity competition; LinkedIn cuts China services; illegal source code; privacy doorbell issues; playing no favorites ...
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European Union’s Network and Information Security Directive Threatens Internet with Fragmentation and Creates Security Risks

The second iteration of the European Union’s Network and Information Security Directive, NIS 2, was written with good intentions. But many worry the cybersecurity rules could splinter the Internet and ...
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Advocacy Groups Must Stand Up for Encryption—While They Still Can

Encrypted messaging is indispensable for advocacy groups that use the technology to stand up for their communities. As new government laws and regulations in countries around the world threaten to ...