On the left, a road with car parked on the side and its trunk open. To the right, a large tower with a vertical sign in red font and a person installing an antenna on top. Snowcapped mountains are in the background.

How a a Rural Community in Armenia Built Their Own Internet

The Connecting the Unconnected: Europe and Beyond summit takes place in Yerevan, Armenia, on June 6-7, 2023.

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Indigenous Connectivity: Five Bold Calls to Action

Here are the key takeaways and calls to action from the Indigenous Connectivity Summit 2022—with an emphasis on decolonization and sovereignty ...
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Local Rules for a Global Network—The Splinternet’s Insidious Alternative 

Should an international body regulate the Internet? And what happens when domestic rules apply outside a country's borders and they impact the Global Internet? Internet Society Youth Ambassador to the ...
Nominations Now Open for 2023 Internet Society Board of Trustees Elections

Nominations Now Open for 2023 Internet Society Board of Trustees Elections

Nominations Committee is now inviting nominations for candidates to serve on the Internet Society Board of Trustees ...
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Two Things the US Should Do to Protect the Internet and the Security of Billions of People Online

Adopting the practice of Internet impact assessments is not just an option—it’s a must to protect the Internet we want today and tomorrow ...
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LEO Satellites for Internet—Why the Next Two Years Are Critical

Can low Earth orbit satellites that provide Internet access help close the digital divide, or will they create more challenges? Our paper explores these questions ...
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Supporting Indigenous Connectivity in Canada

We’re partnering with the National Research Council of Canada to work with Indigenous communities in Ontario and Northwest Territories to grow the skills needed to bridge the digital divide ...
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George Sadowsky Honored with the 2022 Jonathan B. Postel Service Award

Longtime Internet champion Dr. George Sadowsky is the 2022 Jonathan B. Postel Service Awardee.
Selected for his leadership of the Internet Society Developing Countries Workshops in the 1990s, he helped ...
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A Push Towards Universal Connectivity

We need to unlock innovative financing mechanisms to connect the hardest-to-reach places in the world. Governments and policymakers are at the forefront of this challenge ...