Photograph of Sally Wentworth

What Makes The Internet? People Coming Together

The Internet Society was created to bring together a global community to advance the Internet. Internet Society Managing Director and Incoming CEO, Sally Wentworth, speaks about the community that has grown over the last 30 years and how we will continue to work together to support the Internet of the future.

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Techxit: The UK Declares Its Exit from the High-Tech Startup World

No one in their right mind would now want to start up a high-tech company in the UK. With a last-minute addition to the Online Safety Bill (OSB), the UK ...
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What’s the Internet Like Today?

Every day as I get my son ready for daycare, I recite seven words: “Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?” The results from this now-‘ritual’ search dictate what he’ll ...
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Could Tuvalu Sink Twice?

The small island nation of Tuvalu is slowly disappearing into the Pacific. Could Internet fragmentation cause it to disappear forever? ...
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Encryption, Bad Bills, and Ripple Effects: How Riana Pfefferkorn Protects the Internet

We spoke with Riana Pfefferkorn, research scholar at the Stanford Internet Observatory, about encryption and protecting the Internet ...
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Why Internet Resilience Matters

The Internet Resilience Index (IRI) tracks open-source Internet resiliency metrics to support the development of policies and infrastructure to improve Internet resilience everywhere ...
Photo of man, Pierre Ouédraogo, wearing a hat and sunglasses

An Internet Champion for Africa: Remembering Pierre Ouédraogo

On 13 July 2023, the African Internet technical community lost one of its stars, Pierre Ouédraogo, fondly known by his peers as "Pierre O." Pierre was such an important part ...
A person, represented by their hands only, counting three stacks of coins.

The Real Impact of Internet Shutdowns

The  NetLoss calculator is a new tool that estimates the economic cost of Internet shutdowns ...
Walking signal sign showing an orange hand indicating 'stop'

Speak Out Against Bills That Threaten End-to-End Encryption

The EARN IT Act, STOP CSAM Act, and KOSA in the United States threaten to weaken end-to-end encryption which puts us all at risk ...