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Fostering the Next Generation at the NDSS Symposium

The NDSS Symposium fosters the next generation of Internet security leaders—like 16-Year-old California high school student Aditya Puri.

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NDSS Symposium 2022: Collaborative Security Research in Action

Read what happened at the NDSS Symposium 2022, and get access all abstracts, papers, posters, and presentations presented during the event ...
Grow Your Connections with the Internet Society’s Alumni Network

Grow Your Connections with the Internet Society’s Alumni Network

We’re proud to announce a first in the history of the Internet Society: the creation of the Alumni Network. Talented, passionate Internet champions can continue to learn, advocate for our ...
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African Peering—Key to Keeping Traffic Local

The African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF)—Africa's biggest annual peering event— takes place from 23-25 August in Kigali, Rwanda ...
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Exploring Digital Sovereignty

The Internet is a force. An intangible force of good, made from tangible parts and plays a bigger and bigger role in our everyday life. It's comprised of millions of ...
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Indigenous Connectivity Summit to Take Place this October—Transitioning to a New Home

The Summit offers a unique opportunity for participants to discuss challenges and develop practical community-led recommendations and solutions ...
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An Internet Exchange Point Helps Haiti during Natural Disasters

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti in August 2021, just as many people were starting their day. Over the course of several days, the quake and its aftershocks devastated the ...
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Old Rules in New Regulations – Why “Sender Pays” Is a Direct Threat to the Internet

If we stop treating the Internet as a technology-neutral, general purpose network, we'll lose it.  ...
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The Path to WTDC-22: Connecting the Unconnected Is Critical to Achieving Sustainable Development

We’ve made a bold pledge—focused on supporting complementary connectivity solutions and capacity building to enable people to deploy Internet infrastructure—and we’re joining partners whose work is aligned to our 2025 ...