Photograph of Sally Wentworth

What Makes The Internet? People Coming Together

The Internet Society was created to bring together a global community to advance the Internet. Internet Society Managing Director and Incoming CEO, Sally Wentworth, speaks about the community that has grown over the last 30 years and how we will continue to work together to support the Internet of the future.

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a man smiling at camera with hand on server.

Advancing Digital Africa: Empowering Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Benin, Malawi, and Rwanda

The Internet Society and ICANN partnered to help empower IXPs in Africa to improve Internet access by making it faster and more affordable ...
Group of women browsing the Internet on a computer

Do We All Experience the Same Internet?

If any two people across the world from each other access the Internet at the same time, will they experience the same thing? To answer this question, some people may ...
Photo of the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC

Can You Kick the Trolls Out Of Your Online Forum? U.S. Supreme Court to Decide

Should the governments of Texas and Florida decide whether and how online discussion sites can moderate their posts? Let’s say you have an online community about the town you live ...
Aerial view of Casablanca, Morocco

How Internet Exchange Points are Expanding and Improving Internet Access in Morocco 

If you needed to send a letter to your neighbor, you wouldn’t choose to send it via airmail across the continent and back first. Yet, this is how Internet traffic ...
a mountain peak covered with snow seen through colorful prayer flags

Achieving Greater Heights for MANRS

Partnering with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), we believe that MANRS will continue to be further established as the globally recognized benchmark for global routing security ...
Group of people talking with each other at a technical community event

Resources and Tools for Starting a Technical Community

Technical communities are our best partners to create a global movement of experts working together to build a stronger and more resilient Internet.
Explore how you can start your own group ...
EU flags at the European Commission Berlaymont building

Network Usage Fees: The European Commission Plays Politics with the Global Internet

The European Commission is playing politics with the global Internet. It’s time it clearly rejected the idea of “network usage fees” once and for all. What is the European Commission ...
Two people standing in front of water and the hamlet of Ulukhaktok in the distance

Building More Affordable and Reliable Internet Access in the Arctic

Canada’s Northwest Territories has 33 communities, many of which are home to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis individuals. The territory’s vast geography and remote nature of many of the communities ...