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Your Chance to Be the Changemaker

It’s not every day a fellowship program changes lives. But that’s exactly what we see when our alumni set out into the world, eager and ready to make a difference. From 1 February 2023, we are opening applications to our new Youth Ambassador Program. Here’s your chance to make a difference.

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A globe with satellites floating around it

LEO Satellites for Internet—Why the Next Two Years Are Critical

Can low Earth orbit satellites that provide Internet access help close the digital divide, or will they create more challenges? Our paper explores these questions ...
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Supporting Indigenous Connectivity in Canada

We’re partnering with the National Research Council of Canada to work with Indigenous communities in Ontario and Northwest Territories to grow the skills needed to bridge the digital divide ...
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George Sadowsky Honored with the 2022 Jonathan B. Postel Service Award

Longtime Internet champion Dr. George Sadowsky is the 2022 Jonathan B. Postel Service Awardee.
Selected for his leadership of the Internet Society Developing Countries Workshops in the 1990s, he helped ...
a woman stands and explains the lesson to a student in front of computer screen

A Push Towards Universal Connectivity

We need to unlock innovative financing mechanisms to connect the hardest-to-reach places in the world. Governments and policymakers are at the forefront of this challenge ...
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Why Embedding Content Matters

A court case against Instagram could make it very hard to embed videos or photos. The Internet Society filed an amicus brief explaining why embedding matters ...
European Union flags flying outside of a building

The EU’s Proposed Cyber Resilience Act Will Damage the Open Source Ecosystem

The Cyber Resilience Act will impact the openness of the Internet by virtue of its impact on open source software development ...
a view of Seoul, South Korea

Sender Pays: What Lessons European Policy Makers Should Take From The Case of South Korea

As proponents of new interconnection rules in Europe champion a new settlement regime, based on a model of “sending party pays”, there is one important question looming over the debate: ...
yellow piece of paper with handwritten words "Sorry NO INTERNET Today"

Sanctions Can Deny Internet Access When People Need It Most

Political actions to prevent people in other countries from access to the Internet could set a dangerous precedent that leads to splinternet ...