Photograph of London's Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at night

Techxit: The UK Declares Its Exit from the High-Tech Startup World

No one in their right mind would now want to start up a high-tech company in the UK. With a last-minute addition to the Online Safety Bill (OSB), the UK government made it clear that startups are no longer welcome in the UK. Previously, the OSB applied to “regulated services” that had to be above a certain size or reach. So the OSB would apply to Meta or Google, but

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How a Rural Community in Armenia Built Their Own Internet

In the mountainous village of Shaghap, in the Armenian region of Ararat, over 170 families live in a quiet area far from urban centers. Since they deployed their first community ...
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Encryption Keeps Kids Safe Online

Policymakers are proposing laws that will weaken encryption.
The EARN IT Act, STOP CSAM Act, and many other proposed bills are threatening encryption in the name of keeping kids safe, ...
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Final Results of the 2023 Internet Society Board of Trustees Elections, IETF Selection, and Board Appointee

The Elections Committee announces the final results of the 2023 elections, the IETF selection, and the Board appointee.  ...
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Another Successful NDSS Symposium

Almost 500 leading academics, industry researchers, and security practitioners from around the world gathered in San Diego, California in February for the 30th edition of the Network and Distributed System ...
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Fostering the Next Generation at the NDSS Symposium

The NDSS Symposium fosters the next generation of Internet security leaders—like 16-Year-old California high school student Aditya Puri ...
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How the Espírito Santinho Community Created Brazil’s First Fiber Community Network

Until 2019, the Internet was out of reach for most residents in the rural community of Espírito Santinho, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Since then, they have ...
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We Testified Because the Internet Needs a Voice

We testified in front of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law in support of Section 230 ...
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Misguided Policies the World over Are Slowly Killing the Open Internet

We must defend the Internet whenever there are threats, whether they come from a country, a corporation, or a misguided policy ...