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The future of the Internet, and all the positive opportunities it could bring is in our hands. The Global Internet Report shows the scale of the challenge, and what we can do about it.

2017 Internet Society Global Internet Report: Paths to Our Digital Future

The future of the Internet is ours to shape for the next generation. Humanity must be at the centre of tomorrow's Internet.

We cannot take the Internet for granted. The path to our digital future rests in our hands. We can start today by taking actions that will preserve the underlying values of the Internet and keep it on course to remain open, globally connected and secure.

The Economics of Building Trust Online: Preventing Data Breaches

2016 Global Internet Report

Today we are at a defining moment in the evolution and growth of the Internet. Large-scale data breaches, uncertainties about the use of our data, cybercrime, surveillance and other online threats are eroding users’ trust and affecting how they use the Internet. Eroding trust is also affecting the way governments view the Internet, and, is shaping the policy environment for the Internet around the world. The 2016 Global Internet Report takes a close look at data breaches through an economic lens and provides five clear recommendations for a path forward.
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Did You Know?

  • 1,673 breaches and 707 million exposed records occurred in 2015
  • Average total cost of a data breach: USD 4 million (up 29% since 2013)
  • The average cost per lost record is $158, up 15 percent since 2013
  • Within business, the retail sector represents 13 percent of all breaches and six percent of all records stolen, while financial institutions represent 15 percent of breaches, but just 0.1 percent of records stolen, indicating these businesses might have greater resilience built in to protect their users

2016 Recommendations

The report highlights five recommendations for addressing the issues raised regarding the economics of data breaches. These recommendations are summarised in the security circle.

1: Put users at the centre of solutions; and include the costs to both users and organisations when assessing the costs of data breaches.

2: Increase transparency through data breach notifications and disclosure.

3: Data security must be a priority. Better tools and approaches should be made available. Organisations should be held to best practice standards when it comes to data security.

4: Organisations should be accountable for their breaches. General rules regarding the assignment of liability and remediation of data breaches must be established up front.

5: Increase incentives to invest in security by catalysing a market for trusted, independent assessment of data security measures.

Underpinning these five recommendations are two important principles: data stewardship and collective responsibility.

We recognise these are medium and long term recommendations and that input from all relevant stakeholders is needed. As a starting point, we provide some suggestions on key points to begin the process of implementing them. We wish to start the dialogue and point the way, and not attempt to impose our own solutions.

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