Our Members Make a Difference

Grow and protect your organization by joining a global network dedicated to creating an Internet for everyone.

When we work together, the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by the Internet is huge.

Organization members consist of a network of companies, non-profits and governmental organizations that are committed to support the Internet, network to find solutions, and be a part of creating an Internet for everyone.

Together, we’ve helped connect people in remote areas. We’ve raised our voice to protect privacy to run digital economies. We’ve boosted connectivity in various regions in the world, and we bring the right parties together to support global decision-making.

Here’s What We Can Do Together

Explore how organization members contribute to building, defending, and promoting the Internet for everyone.

  • Access to resources that will help you solve, plan, and find opportunities.
  • Get expert insights on emerging Internet issues so your organization can keep growing well into the future.
  • Meet policymakers, industry leaders, and tech experts to keep the Internet a platform for opportunity.
  • Enjoy support and services that will help your organization thrive in its industry

Meet the Team

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Betel Hailu

Manager, Organization Members Engagement

Phyllis Jackson

Administrator, Organization Members