Victor Kuarsingh

Victor Kuarsingh

Member, Internet Society Board of Trustees


Victor Kuarsingh is an IETF appointee to the ISOC Board of Trustees. He is employed the Senior Director of Network Engineering and Delivery at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He currently co-chairs the IETF LSVR working group and serves on the IETF Ops Directorate.

Mr. Kuarsingh has been involved as a contributor within the IETF for since 2009 with contributions in various working groups and documents within the Operations and Routing Areas. Mr. Kuarsingh served as the IETF Nomcom Chair in 2019. He is co-author of several RFCs related to IPv6 transition, Carrier Grade NAT and IPv4 Share space, including RFC 6598, RFC 6732, RFC 6782, RFC 7021, RFC 7289 and RFC 7381.

Prior to joining Oracle Cloud, Mr. Kuarsingh as the VP of Solutions Architecture at CUJO AI focused on AI/ML based security. Previous leadership roles include leading Infrastructure Engineering at Dyn and Systems Engineering leader at Cisco. Mr. Kuarsingh spent over 13 years as an operator and Architect at Rogers Communications in Canada leading technology introductions of DOCSIS2.0, Cable VoIP services, Cable Business services, the National IP Backbone, Wireless Radio Access Network and the National Launch of Rogers’ LTE service.

Image credit: © Irene van Kessel