Extending Encryption

We need encryption for a safe, secure, and functioning world.

Encryption is a vital tool for protecting ourselves in a digital society. Yet governments are increasingly trying to undermine this valuable tool, putting us all in danger.

From when we wake up in the morning to when we go to bed at night, we rely on encryption every day. It safeguards the personal security of billions of people around the world and the national security of countries everywhere. Whether it’s our private messages, online banking, air traffic control, medical data, or e-voting, our online information must be protected against eavesdropping and tampering.

We’re working across the globe to protect encryption by helping policymakers understand proposals that could jeopardize our security online.

How Encryption Works

Encryption is the process of scrambling or enciphering data so it can be read only by someone with the means to return it to its original state. It is a crucial feature of a safe and trustworthy Internet. It keeps your identity safe and stops people from impersonating you or the people that you trust. It is also critical for national security, protecting society from terrorists, criminals, and hostile governments.

Strengthening the Internet 

To keep the Internet strong, we’re:

  • Educating policymakers about the importance of protecting and promoting the use of strong encryption
  • Working with advocates everywhere to speak up for strong encryption
  • Continuing to grow the Global Encryption Coalition to strengthen the efforts of advocates worldwide to promote and protect a more secure and trustworthy Internet

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