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To succeed as leaders in Internet technology, policy, and business, the next generation of Internet leaders needs a wide range of skills in various disciplines.

Learning @ Internet Society empowers professionals with the knowledge you need to apply new skills, advance in your careers, and become Internet champions. The Internet Society is a global Internet education pioneer and has trained more than 100,000 learners worldwide.

Available Courses

Choose from moderated online courses, face-to-face courses, and self-paced tutorials—all free.

Our courses provide you with practical technical skills designed and delivered by Internet experts. You will gain knowledge and skills on how the Internet works, how it is governed, and how to keep the Internet and its users safe and secure. By learning with the Internet Society, you’ll be able to:

  • Enhance employability, entrepreneurship, and career skills in the Internet industry
  • Connect the unconnected
  • Champion protocols that keep the Internet secure
  • Build, promote, and defend the Internet

Gain Deeper Knowledge With Tracks

Learning @ Internet Society offers specialization tracks, which enable our learners to take courses within a specific subject area to gain deeper insight and expertise. When learners complete a track, they earn a certificate and qualify to join our alumni network.

Choose from the following tracks:

Network Operations Specialist

Are you ready to deepen your technical Internet knowledge and learn to deploy core Internet services? Get the foundational skills you need for work in network or systems administration. You’ll start by learning introductory skills and concepts and finish the track with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge.

Take four courses: Introduction to Network Operations, Advanced Network Operations, Fundamentals of Designing and Deploying Computer Networks, and IPv6 (offered by APNIC).

You must complete all four courses to receive your Network Certified Professional certificate.

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Internet Policy and Advocacy Champion

Start on your path to effectively advocate for an open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet. This learning track will take you through the foundations of the Internet way of networking and writing Internet impact briefs, the benefits of encryption, and how Internet policies are created and governed. By the end of the track, you will have the knowledge you need to properly assess threats to the Internet and credibly advocate against them.

Take five courses: What the Internet Needs to Exist, What the Internet Needs to Thrive, How to Write an Internet Impact Brief, Encryption, Internet Governance 

You must complete all five courses to receive your Internet Policy and Advocacy Professional certificate.

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Online Safety Specialist

A safer global Internet starts with you. Learn the fundamentals of online safety with this learning track from keeping yourself safe online to ways that all members of society are responsible for upholding privacy- and security-enhancing best practices.

Take four courses: Encryption, Digital Footprints, Privacy, and Internet Security.

You must complete all four courses to receive your Online Safety Professional certificate.

a woman teacher explaining to a group of students
Internet Defense Champion

Become a champion for the Internet. With this learning track, you will learn how to assess threats and defend the Internet. You’ll walk away with an understanding of the Internet way of networking, online safety, Internet governance, and computer networking.

Take seven courses: What the Internet Needs to Exist, What the Internet Needs to Thrive, Encryption, Digital Footprints, Privacy, Internet Governance, and Designing and Deploying Computer Networks.

You must complete all seven courses to receive your Defend the Internet Champion certificate.

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Experience the Alumni Network

When you complete a track, you are automatically eligible to join the Internet Society Alumni Network.

Being part of the Alumni Network helps you stay connected with peers and gives you access to continuous learning and sharing opportunities, as well as tools and resources to support the development of the Internet in your own communities.

What Alumni Say About Subject Tracks
The track certificate will help me with job applications and mentoring upcoming students in the field.”
I’ll use the tracks to get involved in communities and organizations with the drive to introduce the Internet in places where the Internet is needed.”

Who Can Take Courses?

Everyone. If you would like to learn about the Internet, how it works, and shape its future, our online courses are for you! Our courses are for people with different experience levels.

There are both technical and nontechnical courses in our catalog. Technical courses may have prerequisites. Please check these before enrolling in a course.

Meet Our Tutors

Our tutors are world-class experts with deep knowledge of the Internet. They support course delivery by leading live chat sessions, responding to learner questions on the course forum, and sharing their expertise with the community. Our tutors hold relevant academic qualifications and complete an annual training session certifying them to be official Internet Society tutors.

Ready to Go?

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Thank You to Our Supporters

Our courses are offered free of charge thanks to the generous contributions of our community. Your support helps us to build the skills of over 10,000 people every year.

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