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Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit

If we don’t consider how our actions could impact the Internet, we risk breaking what makes it work for everyone.

The Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit can help you protect and defend the Internet we all want: one that is open, globally connected, secure and trustworthy.

This collection of practical tools helps users assess whether a law proposal, business decision or technology could impact the Internet, and how to prevent it from harming what the Internet needs to exist and thrive for all.

Produce Your Internet Impact Brief

Have you spotted an issue that could impact the Internet? The first thing you need is an Internet impact brief. This is a quick analysis that identifies whether a proposal, development or trend could benefit or threaten the Internet.

Whether you’re a policymaker or Internet advocate, Internet impact briefs can help you promote better decisions about the Internet in your community. They can also help determine whether certain proposals need an in-depth impact assessment to safeguard the Internet we all want–now and in the future.

Learn how to conduce your brief:

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