Petitions for the 2018 Board of Trustees Elections

Petition by Stefano Trumpy

The Internet Society Nominations Committee has received a petition by Stefano Trumpy to add his name to the slate of candidates for the Chapters election to the Internet Society board of trustees. Following is additional information provided by Stefano Trumpy.

Election in which you wish to be considered a candidate:

Chapters Election

Statement regarding your ability to devote appropriate time to Board service:

In this period I am not engaged in private sector initiatives nor in research organizations or state entities; I am a retired person with no reporting duties to external bodies. Therefore, I have time available, ability and wish to devote appropriate time to the Board service of the Internet Society.

Statement regarding the kind of contribution you would make to the Board:

Internet Governance is my prevailing interest in this phase of my professional evolution. To be effective in this area I have been involved in national and international working groups formed by engineers (as I am), layers, economists, and sociologists.

I think that I can contribute efficiently in Internet Society Board, thanks to my matured experiences. Connected to Internet, is the aspect of multi-stakeholders participation in the Internet Governance arena. Personally, I have been national representative in the following stakeholder categories:

  1. Technical community, in my role of research manager in the Italian National Research Council;
  2. Civil society, as founder and chair of the Italian chapter of the Internet Society from 2000 up to now;
  3. Italy’s government (15 years in the Governmental Advisory Committee of ICANN, 10 years in the High Level group on Internet Governance of the European Commission, in many editions of global IGFs and in a couple of multilateral G7, as digital Sherpa).

What is needed today in the Board, is the evaluation of policy sensible issues, connected to the technical evolutions of Internet provided services; the complexity of Internet eco-system (Internet of Things, the cloud and big data evolutions, the automata evolutions and artificial intelligence) is increasing and efforts have to be intensified by the Internet Society. Other present evolutions that deserve particular attentions are connected to:

a) Defining and assuring globally agreed Internet rights;
b) Defining and assuring Cyberspace security;
c) Understanding and working against present sliding Internet fragmentation.

The chapters have a crucial role in representing an added value for perceiving the Internet Society as a real international authoritative entity. The chapters are reflecting local perceptions of Internet orthodoxy and help in gaining global view of local criticalities of Internet eco-system; therefore they are critical in reaching broad consensus on different global issues. In coclusion, I am confident to be able to contribute to the Board in this direction.

Declaration of potential conflicts of interest:

For my previous answers, it is clear that I have not conflict of interests; as a founding contributing member of the Internet Society in 1992, my sole desire is to help guaranteeing future evolutions to the Internet Society.

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