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Susan Estrada

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Susan Estrada was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014 for her pioneering work on Internet technologies beginning in the late 1980s. Named a "thinking nerd" by colleagues, Susan has a deep interest in emerging technologies and the ability to make those technologies work to solve real-world problems – specializing in the intersection of technology, policy and politics of the Internet. 
An Internet pioneer and strategic thinker, she relishes working on novel and challenging issues that further the growth of the Internet. With deep understanding of technology, Internet policy, and the politics of the Internet, she has been a pioneer and leader in the Internet community since 1988 through direct employment and volunteer/honorary positions. She has international and academic experience in technical standards and policy development, which has enabled her to become a leader in the areas of Internet/broadband architecture, policy and adoption.  
Susan founded CERFnet in 1988. CERFnet was one of the original regional IP networks in the US state of California. It served the academic and commercial communities in California. As executive director, she took the initial NSF funding and successfully commercialized the network for both the academic and private sector users, growing from 25 sites to hundreds of sites within California.
As the leader of the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California's (CENIC) One Gigabit or Bust Initiative from its inception through 2005, Susan provided the vision, the managerial savvy and the technical know-how needed to bring the initiative's multitiered goals to life. The Initiative brought together the interests of research, education, commerce, state and local government, and the general public to develop an action plan for delivery of one gigabit broadband capabilities to every educational institution, business, and home in California by 2010. She created a task force structure that engaged over 200 leaders throughout California. The task force made seminal recommendations that continue to drive State broadband programs today.
Susan has held a variety of leadership posts pertinent to the Internet Society’s work including: Member, ICANN Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel (2014-Current); Member and Chair, Public Interest Registry (2005-2008); Appointed Member, Technological Advisory Council of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (1999-2003); Founder, Board Member and President, Commercial Internet Exchange (1990-1993), and; Operations Area Director, Internet Engineering Task Force (1990-1991). Susan also has previous experience serving on the Internet Society’s Board of Trustees (1993-1999).

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