Board of Trustees Meetings

Board Meeting No. 168

12-13 November 2022
9:00–17:00 UTC

Hilton London Metropole
East Wing, Level 1, Mezzanine 10-11
225 Edgware Road
London W2 1JU

Guide to Board session types:

  • Closed executive session: board members only.
  • Open to observers session: local and remote attendees are welcome to listen in.
  • Open forum session: local and remote attendees are welcome to ask questions, provide input, and discuss with the board.
    There are no open forum sessions scheduled for this meeting.

Note: The Board may invite individuals to participate in any session (e.g., as presenters) as needed.

Preliminary Agenda

Times on this agenda are listed in UTC for the benefit of remote participants and observers in different regions.

12 November 2022

Open to Observers Session

9:00 UTC
1. Welcome, Apologies and Declaration of Conflicts-Ted Hardie

9:05 UTC
2. Welcome New Chapters and SIGs-Ted Hardie

9:10 UTC
3. Community Chair Reports

10:40 UTC
4. UK England Chapter Report-TBD

11:10 UTC

11:40-16:30 UTC
Internet Society Foundation Board Meeting F19

13 November 2022

Open to Observers Session

9:00 UTC
5. Welcome Back-Ted Hardie

9:05 UTC
6. President & CEO’s Report-Andrew Sullivan

10:05 UTC
7. Presentation of the 2023 Action Plan-Sally Wentworth

11:05 UTC

Closed Executive Session

11:25 UTC
8. CFO’s Report–Q3 Financials-Sae Park

11:55 UTC
9. Presentation of the 2023 Budget-Sae Park

12:25 UTC
10. Finance Committee Report on the Proposed Budget-Laura Thomson

Open to Observers Session

12:35 UTC
11. Approval of the Action Plan and Budget-Ted Hardie

12:45 UTC

Mezzanine 6-7

13:45 UTC
12. Committee Reports

  • Elections Committee Report-Luis Martinez
  • ISOC Nominations Committee Report-Jon Peterson
  • Trustee Selection Committee Report-Laura Thomson

Closed Executive Session

12. Committee Reports–Continued

  • PIR Report and Budget-Jon Nevett
  • PIR Nominations Committee Report-Ted Hardie
  • CEO Succession Planning Committee Report-Brian Haberman
  • Compensation Committee Report-Ted Hardie

14:45 UTC
13. Board Discussion re: Community Advice-Ted Hardie

15:45 UTC

16:00 UTC
14. Board Discussion re ISOC’s Current Work on Accessibility-TBD

  • Resolution-Muhammad Shabbir

Open to Observers Session

17:00 UTC
15. Adjournment-Ted Hardie

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