Ted Hardie

Ted Hardie

Audit Committee Chair, Treasurer

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Ted Hardie is currently Managing Director Director for Panasonic's Wireless Research Laboratory. His personal research interests cover a broad range of Internet technologies, but are currently focused on novel data distribution methods, mesh and peer networks, locality of service, and identifiers for non-hierarchical systems.

Dr. Hardie first worked in the Internet field in 1988 when he joined the operations staff of the SRI NIC. He later became the technical lead for the NASA NIC, part of the NASA Science Internet project. After leaving NASA, he joined Equinix as its initial Director of Engineering before taking on the role of Director of Research and Development. He was an early-stage executive at Nominum, and he remains on Nominum's technical advisory board. While he was Qualcomm's Director of Internet and Wireless, he served the Internet community as a member of the Internet Architecture Board and as an Applications Area Director for the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). He is a founding board member of the ISOC San Francisco chapter and the author of multiple RFCs. He has also been an invited speaker and document reviewer for many operational meetings and technical conferences.

Dr. Hardie received his bachelor’s degree from Yale and his doctorate from Stanford. He has been a Fulbright Fellow and a Yale-China Fellow, both in Hong Kong.

Dr. Hardie has been an ISOC Trustee since June 2007, and has served as its Treasurer and a member of its Executive Committee since 2008.

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