Petitions for the 2018 Board of Trustees Elections

Petition by Joeveney Macabeo

The Internet Society Nominations Committee has received a petition by Joeveney Macabeo to add his name to the slate of candidates for the Organization Members election to the Internet Society board of trustees. Following is additional information provided by Joeveney Macabeo.

Election in which you wish to be considered a candidate:

Organization Members Election

Statement regarding your ability to devote appropriate time to Board service

I understand the nature of effort and time commitment. I have been in two non-profit boards focused on children, education, and mentoring; as well as a development and strategy consultant for a large organization in North America with over 100,000 members.

I have relinquished positions in these organizations to focus on my open internet advocacy, and further research and development, and influencing policies that benefit the citizens of the world, including my children, my children’s children, and the future generations yet to come.

Statement regarding the kind of contribution you would make to the Board:

1. Bridge cultures and local interests to global policy creation. My exposure to international community growing up and my global business and social network help develop a more inclusive thought process. I also reside between New York and Manila, and in Linwood North by early 2019 (as Au/NZ) base.

2. I understand the challenges and potentials of internet especially to areas where formal classroom education is dire. While I ventured and sold my stakes in a Telco/VoIP startup, I gained greater appreciate on the empowerment Internet can deliver to far flung areas (of South Africa and Mindanao, from personal experience).

3. My firm has Internet in its top 3 priorities to support. As a business practice, we allocate 10% of corporate profits to advocacies, the first two are children and education, and obviously now the Internet cuts across as enabler of the first two.

Declaration of potential conflicts of interest:

I am committed to deliver voluntary effort with utmost integrity and transparency. I own my firm and currently have no vested interest in Telco/Internet businesses. Further, not to use influence to or from ISOC in any personal dealings.

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