Paul Ebersman

Paul Ebersman

Former Member, Internet Society Board of Trustees


Paul Ebersman works for Neustar as a principal engineer & DNS architect. Among previous employers, he worked at Comcast redesigning and rebuilding DNS architect and as a technical resource on DNS/DHCP/IPv6.

He is heavily involved with protocol development and use, both internally and in the Internet community, through organizations such as ISOC, DNS-OARC, NANOG, IETF and ICANN.

Paul first worked on the Internet for the Air Force in 1984, supporting TCP/IP and OSI networks. He was employee number ten at UUNET and helped build AlterNET and the modem network used by MSN, AOL and Earthlink.

He has maintained his roots in the Internet and the open source community, working for various Internet infrastructure companies including ISC, Infoblox and Nominum. He has also been active in operator groups like NANOG, RIPE, UKNOF and other regional NOGs.