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Encryption is a crucial feature of a safe and trustworthy Internet. Encryption keeps personal information safe and is also critical to national security, protecting society from terrorists, criminals, and hostile governments. 

But encryption is under threat. Some people want to introduce flaws into encryption systems and this makes encryption less safe for everyone. See how we’re promoting and defending encryption around the world and find out how you can stand up for encryption in our resources section. 

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Info Guides


Webcasts and Events

Archive of past encryption-related events.

Open Letters, Statements, and Submissions

Open letters, statements, and submissions that the Internet Society has authored or contributed to. 

Investigatory Powers (Amendment) Bill: Written Evidence — Internet Society, Internet Society UK Chapter, Access Now, 7 March 2024

Open Letter Against Lawful Access to Encrypted Data ActGlobal Encryption Coalition, 7 July 2020

Open Letter Opposing EARN IT billGlobal Encryption Coalition, 6 March 2020

In the Press

Articles written by Internet Society staff.

Blog Posts

Our latest blog posts on encryption.

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Technical Community Resources

Technical community initiatives that the Internet Society has contributed to or supported.

Community Highlights

Activities and initiatives on encryption from our chapters, special interest groups (SIGs) and members around the world.

Brazilian Code of Criminal Procedure reform must not undermine encryption

28 June 2022: Four Internet Society chapters sign Global Encryption Coalition open letter urging Brazilian Code of Criminal Procedure reform not to undermine encryption

Open Letter to the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union on the Freedom of Use of Encryption

14 April 2021: Signed by 12 European chapters of the Internet Society

Don’t Poke Holes in Our Digital Security Shield

13 April 2021: Lennart Schulze urged people to tell the EU that their narrative that ‘encryption harms kids’ isn’t correct. Encryption is foundational to security – and is key to keeping children and youth safe online.

Encryption in the News

Media coverage on encryption.

Strengthening the Internet 23 October 2022

Tech players, civil society groups want governments to protect encryption

Strengthening the Internet 19 October 2022

WhatsApp Warns Governments Weakening Encryption Features Will Backfire on Safety Issues

Strengthening the Internet 28 September 2022

Internet Society Brief: CSAM Proposal Must Be Redrafted To Protect Open And Unrestricted Internet

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