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Chapters Processes

The Internet Society has more than 110 local chapters.

These chapters are set up, re-juvenated, and, if needed, de-chartered according to the processes listed below:

Chapter Formation

Internet Society members interested in starting a new chapter are invited to think about the steps. However, please first check if there is already an existing chapter in your region before doing so.

Learn about the next steps once an expression of interest in starting a Chapter is received.

Chapter Rejuvenation

The rejuvenation of a chapter is a process started when a chapter no longer accomplishes the minimum requirements to be an Internet Society chapter and can no longer be considered a chapter in good standing, in accordance to Chapter Charter Letter.

Learn about the chapter rejuvenation process.

Chapter De-chartering

If after an official rejuvenation period (see process above), a Chapter is not successful in addressing the compliance issues, the Internet Society will have the right to de-charter this Chapter.

Learn about the chapter de-chartering process.