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Chapters Advisory Council

Local experts. Global change.

At the Internet Society, people are at the heart of what we do. Our on-the-ground work is powered by local experts that care about the Internet.

Many of them are members of local Internet Society chapters.

What is the Chapters Advisory Council (ChAC)?

The Chapters Advisory Council (ChAC) brings together representatives from Internet Society chapters around the world. People that support our vision of an Internet for everyone.

In a truly local to global approach, the ChAC is the voice of the chapters to the Internet Society President & CEO and Board of Trustees. Its primary purpose to bring locally informed advice and recommendations to and from the Board on issues that concern the chapters and their members, and may relate to processes, strategies and operations of the Internet Society. 

For more information on the ChAC’s role or how you can get involved, email [email protected].

What is the ChAC Steering Committee?

Each ChAC representative has the opportunity to bring any issue they feel is relevant to Internet Society chapters to the ChAC Steering Committee.

The ChAC Steering Committee is a group of nine (9) geographically diverse members elected from among the ChAC representatives to lead the Committee’s discussions and draft recommendations on the topics brought forward by the chapters. The Steering Committee gets approval by the ChAC before presenting the recommendation to the Internet Society President & CEO and Board of Trustees. 

The Chair of the Steering Committee manages this process, as well as any subcommittees formed to oversee the development of a recommendation. 

How To Be a Part of the ChAC

If you are a chapter leader interested in becoming more involved with the ChAC, please contact your chapter’s current ChAC representative for more information about your chapter’s selection criteria for becoming a ChAC member.