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Chapters Advisory Council Recommendations to the Board of Trustees

Date Proposal submitted to the Board/Staff by the AC Response from the Board/Staff
28 December 2020 Advice 2020.12.23-01 : Chapter Advisory Council Charter Amendments 10 February 2021

Proposed Amendments approved by Board Resolution 2021-03
29 April 2020 Advice 2020.04.17-01: Second Advice on PIR Sales to Ethos Capital 14 May 2020

The top-line advice from the ChAC is that a contemplated transaction among the Internet Society, Public Interest Registry (PIR), and Ethos Capital, should not proceed without certain circumstances having been met. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has refused its consent to the transaction. Because ICANN’s approval was a condition of the transaction proceeding, the transaction shall not proceed.
29 April 2020 Advice 2020.04.17-02: Second Advice on ISOC Constituencies Consultation 6 May 2020

With regard to Advice 2020.04.17-02 (Second Advice on ISOC Constituencies Consultation) and Advice 2020-04-17-03 (Second Advice on Bylaws Changes), we plan to pass a resolution to create a Governance Reform Working Group in a way that ensures that any and all proposed changes in ISOC governance proposed by the resulting Report With Recommendations (RWR) will (a) gain the approval of all stakeholder and affiliate groups that make up and support ISOC, (b) be crafted consistent with best practices among similarly situated nonprofit charitable organizations, (c) meet the legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements of the relevant governmental entities, including the state in which ISOC is incorporated as a nonprofit, and (d) meet general fiduciary requirements as determined by internal and/or outside counsel.
29 April 2020 Advice 2020-04-17-03: Second Advice on Bylaws Changes  
23 February 2020 Advice 2020.02.13-01: The sale of PIR to Ethos Capital should not proceed unless a number of conditions are met. Response from the Board
23 February 2020 Advice 2020.02.13-02: ISOC constituencies must be consulted. Response from the Board
23 February 2020 Advice 2020.02.13-03: Changes to ISOC’s Bylaws to strengthen Advisory Councils and Chapters Response from the Board
11 October 2019 Advice 2019.05.13-01: ISOC Chapter Gatherings and Events at Industry Events The Board acknowledged that this advice has been communicated to staff and is being worked on with staff.
11 October 2019 Advice 2019.06.14-01: ISOC Fellowship Program The Board suggests ISOC considers this advice when implementing future reforms to the Fellowship program and sent this advice to the team working on the Fellowship program accordingly.
11 October 2019 Advice 2019.07.22-01: Chapter Representative(s) on NomCom This topic was also discussed during the ChAC presentation at the Board’s #146 meeting in Montreal. An invitation to appoint Chapter representatives to be on both the Nominations Committee and the Elections Committee was shared with the ChAC. The ChAC was invited to document its own process for selecting these representatives.
17 October 2018 Proposed changes to the ChAC Charter Item currently closed after discussion with the Board – effort has been put in a dormant state for future development.
5 April 2018 Proposal to increase transparency of the Board Response from the Board
26 March 2018 Cybercrime legislation in the Pacific Islands The Board delegated the matter to staff, stating on 26 June, that staff has been tasked to respond based on ISOC’s policy position development process. Based on this and after a thorough analysis, taking into account that this is a very specialized field that requires additional resources and time to be done properly, staff responded that this proposal for a cybercrime policy work does not seem to fit in at this stage.
26 March 2018 Recommendation to add a new section 13 to the bylaws Response from the Board
6 Sept 2017 IETF registration for Chapter Leaders On 12 December 2017, the Board sent its decision to the ChAC. That is:

With respect to the request about IETF registration fees, the board agreed to extend the program proposed by staff to also ISOC individual members. Additionally, the board is working with the IETF leadership in order to understand how ISOC can support the IETF most effectively. As part of that effort, we are looking into the desired profile for IETF technical fellows and of any other people ISOC supports in order attend the IETF. We plan to implement the program proposed as soon as our conversation with the IETF leadership are more advanced so that it is in line with ISOC’s and IETF’s goals.

The program will first be implemented for IETF 103 in Bangkok.
1 Nov 2016 ISOC Improving support for Chapters Board adopted Resolutions that approved the recommendations from the staff contained in this document.

The Board Resolution can be found here.
1 Nov 2016 Process for selecting chapter participants in ISOC delegations Board adopted Resolutions that approved the recommendations from the staff contained in this document.

The Board Resolution can be found here.

Revised response from the board:
The board discussed this recommendation and agreed to run the proposed experiment regarding publishing the names of the Selection committee for the 2018 ISOC Ambassadors to the IGF. Based on the result, we will decide what to do with other committees.

The cited staff recommendations are here.
1 Nov 2016 A proposal for greater involvement of Chapters in the position and policy brief development process Board decision: Accepted. See Framework for ISOC’s Engagement with Membership re Policy work – Brief for the Board – can be found here.

ISOC’s policy position development process, as circulated to the community, reviewed by the Board and now published.