Chapters Advisory Council Steering Committee

Chapters Advisory Council Steering Committee

Olivier Crépin-Leblond
(UK-England Chapter)
Region: Europe
Position: Steering Committee Vice Chair

Elaine Ford
(Peru Chapter)

Region: LAC

Susannah Gray
(US San Francisco Bay Area Chapter)
Region: North America

Lillian Nalwoga
(Uganda Chapter)
Region: Africa
Position: Steering Committee Secretary

Amrita Choudhury
(India Delhi Chapter)
Region: APAC

Nabil Bukhalid
(Lebanon Chapter)
Region: Middle East

Non-geographical members

Eduardo Diaz
(Puerto Rico Chapter)
Position: Steering Committee Chair

Satish Babu
(India Trivandrum Chapter)
Position: Steering Committee Secretary

Peter Koch
(Germany Chapter)

Satish Babu

India Trivandrum Chapter

Satish Babu is an active volunteer in multiple organizations including Internet Society, ICANN and IEEE, and has been a member of Internet Society since 2009. He is the founder-Chair of ISOC India Trivandrum Chapter and has been involved with the ChAC Steering Committee since 2018. He is currently the Chair of APRALO and APSIG. Satish is a co-founder of the… Read more

Nabil Bukhalid is the President of Internet Society Lebanon Chapter, an Internet evangelist and Internet Hall of Fame inductee. Nabil is currently consulting in areas including Internet infrastructure and services, economic and social development utilizing technology, open data and the Internet, datacenters and cloud services, higher education networks, project management, Internet governance and intersection of Internet policy and technology. He… Read more

Amrita serves as the Director of CCAOI, Treasurer of Internet Society India, Delhi Chapter and the APAC Lead of SIG Women.  She is also part of the organizing team of the India School of Internet Governance (inSIG) Her work focuses on a wide range of issue which include, empowerment of the Public Internet Access providers (Cybercafés and CSC‟s), assisted internet… Read more

Olivier M.J. Crepin-Leblond is a French national and has been an Internet user since 1988. He received a B.Eng. Honours degree in Computer Systems and Electronics from Kings College, London, UK, in 1990, a Ph.D. in Digital Communications from Imperial College, London, UK, in 1997, and a Specialized Masters Degree in Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management from CERAM Business School… Read more

Elaine Ford is the director and founder of Democracy & Development International (D&D International) based in Lima, Peru. She is the director and creator of the Digital Democracy Program promoted by D&D International. President of the Internet Society (ISOC) Peru Chapter and Member of the Steering Committee of ISOC Chapters Advisory Council. Member of the Committee of Women Leaders of… Read more

Susannah Gray

Director, Communications

I am a strategic communications expert with many years of experience in multi-stakeholder, community-driven communications and public relations. Having been part of the Internet ecosystem since 2005, I have a deep understanding of Internet governance, policy development, Internet technologies, and the issues affecting the Internet’s end users. As Director, Communications at the Internet Society, I support communications efforts throughout the… Read more