Board Meeting No. 149

13 March 2020
13:15-17:30 UTC

14 March 2020
12:00-14:30 UTC

Guide to Board session types:

  • Closed executive session: board members only.
  • Open to observers session: local and remote attendees are welcome to listen in.
  • Open forum session: local and remote attendees are welcome to ask questions, provide input, and discuss with the board. No open forum sessions are planned for the 13-14 March meeting.

Please note that the Board may invite particular individuals to participate in any session (e.g., as presenters) as needed.


Friday, 13 March 2020

Open to Observers Session

13:15-13:18 UTC     
1. Welcome, Apologies and Declaration of Conflicts-G. Camarillo (3 mins)

13:18-13:20 UTC     
2. Document resolutions approved by e-vote since board meeting #148-J. Levine (2 mins)

Resolution 2019-XX: Approve the minutes of the 148th Board meeting
RESOLVED, that the minutes of the 148th meeting of the Board of Trustees, held in Singapore on November 23-24, 2019, are approved.

Resolution 2020-XX: Adopt the Board Conflict of Interest policy
RESOLVED, that the Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees and Board-Designated Officers is adopted, as presented.

Resolution 2020-XX: Approve CEO appointed officers
RESOLVED, that the Board confirms the appointment of Sandra Spector as Chief Financial officer in 2016,
FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board authorizes the CEO to appoint officers from time to time as he or she deems necessary.

Resolution 2020-XX: Update the Board Code of Ethics
RESOLVED, that the Board and Officer Code of Ethics is updated by replacing section 3.0 with:

“3.0 Conflict of Interest
All Internet Society Board members must follow the Board’s Conflict of Internet Policy.”

Resolution 2020-XX: Update the Nominations Committee Charter
RESOLVED, that the charter of the Nominations Committee is updated by replacing sections II and III, as presented.

Resolution 2020-XX: Update the Elections Committee Charter
RESOLVED, that the charter of the Elections Committee is updated by replacing section II, as presented.

Resolution 2020-XX: Amend the Elections Timetable
RESOLVED, that the board approves amendments to the 2019-2020 ISOC Elections Timetable as presented.

13:20-13:45 UTC     
3. Chapters Advisory Council Steering Committee Report–E. Diaz (25 mins)

PURPOSE: To receive a report from the ISOC Chapters Advisory Council Steering Committee.

13:45-14:10 UTC     
4. ISOC Mexico Chapter Report–L. Martinez and A. M. Valera (25 mins)

PURPOSE: To receive a report from the Mexico Chapter of the Internet Society.

14:10-14:15 UTC     
5. New and rejuvenated Chapters–G. Camarillo (5 mins)

PURPOSE: To welcome a newly approved chapter and congratulate two newly rejuvenated Chapters.

Resolution 2020-XX: Welcome new and rejuvenated Chapters
RESOLVED, that the ISOC Board of Trustees warmly welcomes the following new Internet Society Ethiopia Chapter, and congratulates the rejuvenated Chapters, Internet Society Chapter Belgium and the ISOC Cameroon Chapter.

14:15-14:20 UTC     
6. Appointments to the PIR Board–G. Camarillo (5 mins)

PURPOSE: To appoint members of the PIR Board

Resolution 2020-XX: Appoint members of the PIR Board
RESOLVED, that the ISOC Board of Trustees appoints the following individuals to the Board of Directors of the Public Interest Registry for one-year terms commencing with the PIR Board’s 2020 mid-year meeting:

  • Jeffrey Bedser
  • Narelle Clark

14:20-14:35 UTC     
7. Report of the ISOC Nominations Committee–O. Cavalli (15 mins)

PURPOSE: To accept the final report of the 2019-2020 ISOC Nominations Committee.

Resolution 2020-XX: Accept the 2019-2020 ISOC Nominations Committee report
RESOLVED that the report of the 2019-2020 ISOC Nominations Committee is accepted as presented.

Break (10 mins)

14:45-16:15 UTC     
8. President & CEO Reports

Break (10 mins)

Move to Closed Executive Session

16:25-16:40 UTC     
9. Update on Internal Restructuring–A. Sullivan (15 mins)

16:40-17:05 UTC     
10. ISOC Financial Update–S. Spector (25 mins)

17:05-17:30 UTC     
11. Discussion with Chairs of the IAB, IETF and IETF LLC–T. Hardie, A. Cooper & J. Livingood (25 mins)

Recess until 14 March at 12:00 UTC / 08:00 Reston.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Resume in Closed Executive Session

12:00-12:45 UTC     
12. Corporate Communications Strategy for 2020–R. Abdul Rahim & J. Wood

Break (15 mins)

13:00-14:30 UTC     
13. Connected Giving Foundation (CGF)–A. Sullivan (90 mins)

14. Adjourn Meeting 149

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