Petitions for the 2021 Board of Trustees Elections

The Petition period is closed.

The ISOC Nominations Committee has published slates of candidates for election to the Board of Trustees in 2021. Additional nominations for election to the Board may be made by petition by persons who wish to be added to the slate. Petition requests sent to the Chair of the ISOC Nominations Committee using the Petition Request form will be accepted until 15:00 UTC on Friday, 26 February 2021.

Submitting a Petition Request

Persons who wish to petition the Nominations Committee to be included in either the Chapters or the Organization Members election must complete the Petition Request form by the deadline above. Form submissions must include the petitioner’s:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Election choice (i.e. Chapters or Organization Members)
  • Statement regarding the petitioner’s ability to devote appropriate time to Board service
  • Statement regarding the kind of contribution the petitioner would make to the Board
  • Declaration of any potential conflicts of interest.

Upon receipt and validation of petition requests, the Nominations Committee will post information provided by the petitioner on the ISOC website along with a link to a unique petition “mailbox” (i.e. email address) for receipt of “signatures” (i.e. emails). A link to the petitioner’s information, including the mailbox address for signatures, will be posted at the bottom of this page.

Supporting a Petition

Petitions are supported by sending “signatures” (i.e. emails) to the petitioner’s unique “mailbox”, an email address to be provided to the petitioner by the Nominations Committee. Separate petition mailboxes will be created for each valid petition request received.

Only signature emails sent by persons authorized to participate in ISOC elections will be counted. Authorized persons in the Chapters election are referred to as the “Voting Delegate”. Authorized persons in the Organization Members election are referred to as the “Voting Representative”. Persons with questions about their eligibility to support petitions should contact their ISOC staff contact for Chapter or Organization Membership.

The deadline for receipt of signature emails in support of petitions is Friday, 5 March 2021 at 15:00 UTC.

Signature emails must include the name of the petition supporter’s Chapter or Organization Member and the name of the person whose petition is being supported.

Each signature email must come directly from the Voting Delegate or Voting Representative via his or her email address of record with ISOC.

The Voting Delegate or Voting Representative must send a separate signature email to the specified mailbox for each petition he or she wishes to support.

Each petitioner shall be provided with copies of all signature emails in support of his or her petition and periodic reports about the number of signature emails received.

Only Chapter Voting Delegates may support petitions for the Chapters election. Only Organization Member Voting Representatives may support petitions for the Organization Members election.

Requirements for a Successful Petition

Per the ISOC Procedures for Selecting Trustees a petition must receive signatures of support from a minimum of 7% of the eligible voters in the respective election to be added to the slate. In 2021, the number of signatures required will be 9 for petitions for the Chapters election and 6 for petitions for the Organization Members election. A signature from the petitioner himself or herself will not be counted.

Announcements regarding successful petitions shall be made as soon as they are validated and the announcement can be posted. This may be before the end of the petition period. The final candidate slate will be announced on Monday, 8 March, and the names of any successful petitioners will be added to the election ballots.

Names of any petition candidates and links to their petition mailboxes will be posted below as they are received and validated by the Nominations Committee. This will normally be on the first business day following the request.

Petition(s) Received

The following persons have filed petitions with the ISOC Nominations Committee for the election of the community listed:

Our first petition is from Robert Blinov
Running for: Organization Members Election

Our second petition is from Glenn Carl McKnight
Running for: Chapters Election