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Technology 12 August 2017

Welcome to Inforum, the Internet Society’s eLearning platform and online course library!


Inforum builds on the Internet Society’s deep and long history of sharing subject matter expertise, delivering on-the-ground training and workshops, and building a cadre of leaders and influencers at the intersection of technology, policy and business. Inforum also equips and empowers individuals and communities to advance the Internet as a boundless platform for innovation, human expression, and growth for those online now — and the billions still to come.

Inforum offers Internet Society Chapters and members:

  • Localized, on-the-go content with the ability to offer up to 20 languages, flexible modes of delivery (including mobile), and low-bandwidth options
  • Dynamic and engaging curriculum developed by learning experts, covering a wide range of Internet-related topics
  • Community building via access to experts, discussion forums, online communications tools, and continuous professional development


Shaping the Internet – History and Futures

Available in English, Spanish and French, this course provides an introduction to Internet governance, explains briefly the history of the Internet and then dives into an exploration of Internet policy principles, regulatory frameworks, legal aspects, security, privacy and much more.

Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS)

Available in English, this course provides an introduction to the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS), including the four Actions all network operators should implement to improve both the Internet’s routing security and their own network’s operational efficiency.

Building Wireless Community Networks

Available in English and Spanish, this course provides a solid foundation on how to build wireless community networks to foster collective endeavor through a shared, intangible network. It covers important topics such as wireless network standards, radio physics, practical network planning, IP network administration, radio device configuration, securing wireless networks, and others.

Introduction to Network Operations: UNIX/Linux, Networking and DNS

Currently available in English and Spanish, this introductory online course is targeted at novice/entry level UNIX/Linux users pursuing careers in Network or System Administration. The course is practically oriented and guides the trainee step by step on how to install and setup a working UNIX/Linux server, connect it to the Internet and then run a Caching Domain Name System (DNS) server in a Virtualized environment all using IETF open standards. It is a foundation course that provides trainees with necessary skills on how the Internet works and explains in detail about one of the key infrastructures of the Internet – DNS – and how to build a real world Caching DNS server. The course will allow trainees to progress to more advanced topics in the future.

Fundraising For Internet Society Chapters

Available in English, this online course provides Chapter members with the information they need to ensure the Chapter has the right resources to satisfy its aims.

Spam and Online Threats

Available in English, this course focuses on the growing use of mobility to access the Internet, the risks of becoming infected by malware, spreading botnets, redirecting Internet traffic to malicious websites, hijacking cloud and hosting services and inserting spyware onto computers and handheld devices.  It shows how the risk increases and impacts countries and users who are unaware or under prepared to address the problem of spam.  The course will provide you with a better understanding of the online and mobile threats facing governments, businesses and consumers today.

Setting Up Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs)

Available in English and Spanish, this online course provides high-level guidance on the scope, motivation and importance of establishing CSIRTs, and cover the process of setting up CSIRTs from all relevant perspectives such as business management, process management and the technical perspective.

Introduction to IPv6

Available in English and Spanish, this course was developed to provide a brief primer for individuals who are interested in better understanding IPv6.

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