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Action Plan 2022

Our roadmap for tackling the threats and challenges for today’s Internet as we look to grow and strengthen it for future generations.

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Impact Report 2021

As the world is shifting, we need the Internet more than ever. Learn what the Internet Society is doing to help ensure no one is left behind.

Global Internet Report (GIR)

From trust to consolidation, access to sustainability, a deep look at the forces shaping our digital future.

Policy Briefs

Our perspective on critical Internet issues, including community networks, encryption, open Internet standards, Internet Exchange Points, and more.

The Internet Society is a U.S. 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization
The Internet Society is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt charitable organization formed under the District of Columbia Non-Profit Corporation Act ...
Open Inter-networking
The modern Internet features increasing complexity of uses and demand for bandwidth. The Internet Society believes that an Internet access environment characterized by choice and transparency, ...


Policy Brief: Identity on the Internet
On the Internet, your digital identity is not just a name, it is who you are and your key to online interactions. Digital identities help users protect their privacy; segregate ...
OECD 2016 Ministerial Meeting on The Digital Economy: Background Paper
In most Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, the digital economy has become the economy. The Internet and ICTs permeate societies and economies at the global and local ...
RIPE Atlas Probes and Anchors
RIPE Atlas is being used by many researchers and network operators worldwide, and you might have seen it mentioned in numerous blog posts or other publications. But what is RIPE Atlas ...
2015 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide
The threat level has never been higher for any organization. As recent headlines attest, no company, organization or government agency is immune to targeted attacks by persistent, skilled adversaries. Their ...
Internet Governance – Why the Multistakeholder Approach Works
The multistakeholder governance framework is informed by three components: a) opened-ended unleashed innovation (infrastructure), b) decentralized governance institutions (governance) and, c) open and inclusive processes (human) ...
Policy Brief: Adoption of IPv6
The IPv6 protocol standard is critical for supporting the Internet’s continued development. Network operators, content providers, software and hardware developers, and enterprises, among others, need to implement IPv6 in order ...
Testimony of Sally Wentworth before U.S. House about IANA Transition
On Thursday, May 17, 2016, Internet Society VP of Global Policy Development Sally Shipman Wentworth will testify before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and ...
2016 IRS eFile Audit
46% of IRS Free e-file Sites Receive Failing Grades ...
2016 Online Trust Audit Methodology Announced

Seattle, Washington - The Online Trust Alliance announced today the methodology for the forthcoming 2016 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll. This marks the eighth consecutive year ...

Organization Reports

On annual basis, we publish annual reports (an Action Plan and Impact Report), as well as financial reports, annual financial statements, and Form 990s.