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Courseware: IPv6 in Networking Essentials

We need to write something up about this:


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During the last meeting, I announced that the basic networking course at

UCL was completely switching to IPv6. Completely replacing IPv4 by IPv6

in a course is like completely replacing IPv4 in a network. This

requires many changes and a lot of work.


During the last two months, I have rewritten several chapters of the

open-source ebook that I use for the basic networking course. With the

help of students and teaching assistants, we have also updated the

networking exercises and labs to allow the students to learn IPv6 by

using it, i.e. not only on paper. The rewriting progresses in parallel

with the course. The main chapters affected by the IPv6 upgrade have

been rewritten (BGP will be updated next week and Ethernet and WiFi will

follow later).


You can find the current beta version of the ebook on


The full source code is available on github. There are some parts of the

book that need some polishing, notably some of the figures. If you have

comments, they are more than welcome. We would like to release a

polished version by mid 2014 to allow other professors to use it for

their courses.


The course was designed for students who know nothing about networking.

It starts with an explanation of the main principles and algorithms.

Then, the key protocols (HTTP, DNS, TCP, SCTP, IPv6, OSPF, BGP,

Ethernet, WiFi) are described. On the practical side, the students

implement a simple transport protocol in C, then analyze based on packet

traces a large website or a networked application and they practice TCP

and IPv6 by using netkit labs.




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