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Action Plan 2022

Our roadmap for tackling the threats and challenges for today’s Internet as we look to grow and strengthen it for future generations.

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Impact Report 2021

As the world is shifting, we need the Internet more than ever. Learn what the Internet Society is doing to help ensure no one is left behind.

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Internet Impact Briefs

Shorter reports that analyze how different policies or new technologies may affect what the Internet needs to exist and thrive.

Global Internet Report (GIR)

From trust to consolidation, access to sustainability, a deep look at the forces shaping our digital future.

Policy Briefs

Our perspective on critical Internet issues, including community networks, encryption, open Internet standards, Internet Exchange Points, and more.

The Relationship Between Local Content, Internet Development, and Access Prices

Report from the Internet Society, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

1. Societies ...

Open Inter-networking
The modern Internet features increasing complexity of uses and demand for bandwidth. The Internet Society believes that an Internet access environment characterized by choice and transparency, ...


Testimony of Sally Wentworth before U.S. House about IANA Transition
On Thursday, May 17, 2016, Internet Society VP of Global Policy Development Sally Shipman Wentworth will testify before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and ...
2016 IRS eFile Audit
46% of IRS Free e-file Sites Receive Failing Grades ...
2016 Online Trust Audit Methodology Announced

Seattle, Washington - The Online Trust Alliance announced today the methodology for the forthcoming 2016 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll. This marks the eighth consecutive year ...

Smart Homes and the Internet of Things
Issue Brief from Atlantic Council and I Am The Cavalry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next step in the evolution of wireless networks, Big data, and connected devices, ...

Diffusing the IoT Time Bomb: Security and Privacy Trust Code of Conduct


Craig Spiezle
Executive Director & President
Online Trust Alliance
@otalliance  @craigspi


Harvey Anderson 
General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer
AVG Technologies @AVGFree

Paul Plofchan
VP, Government & Regulatory Affairs,

ITU World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly 2016: Background Paper
This background paper on the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA) is intended to provide the Internet Society community and interested parties with an outline of the objectives and key issues ...
Webinar: Creating Trust for the Internet of Things Overview
The webinar covers:
  • The origin and need for security and privacy in IoT devices
  • Elements of the IoT Trust Framework
  • Plans for implementation and certification

This webinar ...

WearFit: Security Design Analysis of a Wearable Fitness Tracker
IEEE Computer Society Center for Secure Design

Jacob West
Chief Architect, Security Products, NetSuite

Tadayoshi Kohno
Short-Dooley Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

David ...

A Vision for Trustworthy Advertising

Online advertising is an economic engine that fuels a wide range of services and sites society depends on. In our connected world, advertising supports a vast array of digital content ...

2015 Email Unsubscribe Audit

OTA's research and unsub test criteria revealed that 98% (versus only 90% in 2014) of the top e-commerce brands are in compliance with U.S. and Canadian unsubscribe ...

Organization Reports

On annual basis, we publish annual reports (an Action Plan and Impact Report), as well as financial reports, annual financial statements, and Form 990s.