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19 September 2017, 13:00 – 14:00 SGT (UTC+8)

ISOC Singapore Chapter
13:00 – 14:00: Live Panel: The Impact of the Internet on Media, Culture, and Society

In 2016, the Internet Society engaged Members, Chapters, experts and partners through two global surveys that generated more than 2,500 responses from 160 countries and economies, and interviewed more than 130 Internet experts and hosted 10 virtual roundtables. Many respondents were concerned that the Internet could be fundamentally undermined if current technical and social trends around online media and communication are amplified into the future. This included the use of algorithms for curating and delivering news and information resulting in an “echo chamber” effect. Social concerns included the future Internet widening social divides, reinforcing prejudices, and deepening ethnic or societal rivalries. And traditional cultures, languages, and values could be lost in a sea of foreign content. At InterCommunity 2017, the Internet Society Singapore Chapter considers what the impact could be for our society.

The following topics will be discussed during the node discussion on Media, Culture and Society:

  • Media and the Internet: How can we use the Internet to promote openness and trust in the post-factual media world?
  • Culture and the Internet: How can cultures embrace the benefits of the Internet without losing their uniqueness and diversity?
  • Society and the Internet: How can the Internet build bridges in society or greater divides?

Moderator: Bryan Tan, Partner, Pinsent Masons MPillay


  • Prof Ang Peng Hwa, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
  • Dr. Norman Vasu, Deputy Head / Coordinator for Social Resilience Program, Centre of Excellence for National Security, RSIS, NTU
  • Kevin Mathews, music journalist and composer/musician, Power of Pop

Find the full day programme below.

Register here by 17 September.

Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
Small TV Studio (B1-02), Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Technological University
04-39, 31 Nanyang Link
Singapore 637718, Singapore

(shuttle bus provided from Pioneer MRT at 10.30 am)

Full Day Programme
11:00 Registration and tea
11:30 Pre-Discussion with Singapore panel
12:00 Node Discussion led by Singapore panel
13:00 Lunch for pre-registered participants + Node Discussion by Delhi Chapter
14:00 Node Discussion by Mauritius Chapter
15:00 Node Discussion by Johannesburg Chapter
16:00 End
Date and Time

Saturday 13 July 2024