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19 September 2017, 11:00 – 12:00 (UYT/UTC-3)

LACNIC and ISOC Uruguay Chapter
11:00 – 11:50: Live Panel: Internet Future and the Digital Divide

Traditionally, the “Digital Divide” has been defined as the gap between those that have Internet access and those that do not.  Internet connectivity is growing around the world and many commenters have expressed hopes that it will be an empowering and equalizing force between social groups and countries.  However, the ability to meaningfully participate in and benefit from the Internet in the future will likely be determined by more than the sheer ability to connect.  Under this scenario , the future of the internet is facing the following unkowns:

  • In a world where everyone has Internet access, will all segments of society have an equal opportunity to meaningfully participate in and benefit from the Internet?
  • Will countries with advanced Internet technology, infrastructure, and innovation accelerate their lead or will developing regions close the gap?
  • Will differences in connection technology, quality, and level of Internet openness lead to fundamentally different Internet experiences and levels of opportunity for users?

The interactive session will be held during LACNIC28.

Find panelist biographies and the full day programme below.

Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel
759 Plaza Independencia
Montevideo, 11100, Uruguay

Panelist Biographies
Sebastián Bellagamba

Sebastián Bellagamba is currently ISOC Regional Bureau Director for Latin America and The Caribbean. Prior to joining the Internet Society, Sebastian worked in the Internet Service Providers industry, founding and running several ISPs in Argentina and also managing regional Latin America operations. At that time, he was also President of the Argentine Internet Service Providers Association (CABASE). Sebastian also has an extensive career on international Internet-related organizations, having been a member of LACNIC’s Auditing Committee, Chairman of ISOC Argentine Chapter, Chairman of the Argentine Chapter of the IPv6 Task Force and member of ICANN’s Address Supporting Organization Council.

Lito Ibarra

Rafael “Lito” Ibarra known as the father of the Internet for El Salvador, has professional degrees in Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and the new Information and Communication Technologies. Since 2015 he has been a member of ICANN’s Board of Directors. Additionally, he is the Director of RAICES and president of SVNET, the ccTLD operator for .sv. He is a member of the ccNSO and is part of LACTLD, LACNIC, and RedCLARA.

Ma. Julia Morales

Ma. Julia is a PhD candidate at the Unviversitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona – Spain in the Educational Technology Program. Magister in Information and Knowledge Society at the Universitat Obertà de Catalunya – Spain and Bachelor in Sociology from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of the Republic in Uruguay.

Her lines of research are aimed at understanding the phenomena associated with communications in virtual social networks and in the media in general and the measurement and impact of digital skills in different populations. She has participated in several research projects in national and foreign institutions. She has coordinated and acted as speaker in conferences and conferences associated with the subject and has different publications about it.

Mauro D. Ríos

Board member of ISOC Uruguay Chapter. Systems and Marketing Analyst. Mauro is a Professional Expert in Document Management. He has also expertise in project design and management, ITIL, COBIT, Interoperability, Public Procurement, Business Risk Management and Electronic Government. Mauro holds a Bachelor degree in Education. Advises private and public institutions, with an emphasis in Electronic Government and Information Society as well as Information Technology projects. He is recognized specialist in Virtual Social Networks. He has worked for international cooperation institutions such as IDRC, IDB and United Nations.

He is a teacher in his specialties for several educational institutions and universities, author of several books and opinion articles. He serves as Adviser to the Board of Directors of the Uruguayan Government Agency (AGESIC) and is Manager of the National OID Unit (UNAOID) of the country.

Beatriz Rodríguez (moderator)

Beatriz Rodriguez is part of ISOC Uruguay board and Member of the Organizing Committee for Uruguay IGF 2017. Academically, Beatriz holds a Doctorate in Law and Social Sciences, Public Notary and a Master degree in Information Society and Knowledge. In addition, he serves as an assistant in Legal Informatics and Computer Law at the University of the Republic in Uruguay.

Full Day Programme
10:50 – 11:00 Shared Celebration with adjacent Node
11:00 – 11:04 Welcome, Introductions from Sebastian Bellagamba – Introduction and context
– Purpose of the project
– Impact on ISOC’s mission and plan of work
11:04 – 11:10 Context and Overview of topic by Beatriz Rodríguez
11:10 – 11:45 Interactive Node Discussion
11:45 – 11:50 Conclusions and Highlights by Beatriz Rodríguez
11:50 – 12:00 Shared Celebration with adjacent Node
Date and Time

Monday 24 June 2024