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Looking to the Internet's future

We want to hear your thoughts on what tomorrow’s Internet might look like!

In 2016, the Internet Society launched a project to take stock of the key forces of change that could impact the future of the Internet. We engaged with a broad community of Members, Chapters, experts and partners. We conducted two global surveys that generated more than 2,500 responses from 160 countries and economies. In addition, we interviewed more than 130 Internet experts and hosted 10 virtual roundtables.

To help shape the final phase of our work, we would like your views on the forces of change and the impact they will have on the Internet in the future.  

Throughout the project, our community has reaffirmed the importance of three issue areas that will likely be significantly impacted in the future: Digital Divides; Personal Freedoms and Rights; and Media, Culture and Society. These areas are core to the Internet Society’s focus on putting the user at the forefront when considering the future of the Internet.  

The six Drivers of Change are the game-changing forces that the community has identified as shaping the future of the Internet and having a significant impact on the three areas identified above.  

Click on the boxes below to view a high-level description of the priorities identified by our community: the six Drivers of Change in blue and the three Areas of Impact in green. Send your input on the following questions to FOTI@isoc.org:

  • Which of the six Drivers will have the greatest impact on the future of the Internet between now and 2025? 
  • What will be the impact of these Drivers on the three key areas in the red boxes?
  • What 2-3 Drivers listed here would you prioritize for our analysis?
  • Are there significant Drivers or impact areas that are missing from this list?