2020 Asia-Pacific Chapters Meeting

The Asia-Pacific Virtual Chapters Workshop 2020 was a two-days interactive, collaborative space held on 15-16 October 2020.

It was designed to integrate the knowledge, experience and diversity of the Internet Society community from various backgrounds in the Asia Pacific region with the aim to strengthen the capacities and leadership necessary to achieve an Internet that is open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy for everyone.

What will I get from this workshop?
  • A certificate of participation (a certificate will only be given to those who attend all sessions on both days and those who submit or publish a short post-workshop reflection).
  • Direct access to Internet Society’s subject-matter experts on the 2020-21 project work in an interactive environment and program
  • Best practices and training on Chapter-specific leadership, development and governance matters
  • Networking opportunities between Chapters
  • Fun
Who can participate?

Chapter members who wish to understand the Internet Society 2020 projects and learn how to contribute to the development of their local Chapter. Chapter leaders, participants from the Chapter Training Programme, and youth members from Chapters are highly encouraged to attend.

If you are not yet a Chapter member you can register before the workshop starts. To do this, become as a member and select the Chapter to which you want to belong. If you are a Chapter member, Zoom link will be provided to you via email.

Draft Agenda

Below is a condensed draft agenda of our session topics. Sessions are from 06:00 UTC to 09:30 UTC each day. Moderated by Ruud Janssen, Event Design Collective, the event is structured as follows:

Day One – 15 October 2020 (06:00 – 09:30 UTC)

  • Session I – Opening Ceremony
  • Break
  • Session II – Internet Society 2020-21 Projects: Getting Involved
    This session explored some of the Internet Society focus projects and how Chapter members can be involved. The projects in this workshop were the Internet Way of Networking, MANRS, Community Networks and Encryption.

Day Two – 16 October 2020 (06:00 – 09:30 UTC)

  • Session I – A Session with the ISOC Foundation
    In this session, participants learnt about the Internet Society Foundation and how their Chapters can benefit from the various funding programmes.
  • Break
  • Session II – Chapters 101: Chapter Governance, Development and Sustainability​
    An interactive session where Chapters shared best practices, challenges and solutions with other Chapters.

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Date and Time

Thursday 15 October 2020 –

Friday 16 October 2020