Board Meeting No. 58

24-25 Mar 2007, Prague, Czech Republic

Hilton Prague
Tyrolka Room
Pobrezni 1
Prague 8, 186 00
Czech Republic

Preliminary meetings

Friday, 23 March 2007

10:00-12:00 Chapter/Member Meeting – Agenda
Location: Tyrolka Room

12:00-14:00 IAB, IESG, ISOC Lunch
Location: Roma Room

14:15-17:15 ISOC Org. Members AC Meeting-Agenda
Location: Tyrolka Room

Board Meeting

High level Agenda (for planning purposes)

Day 1-Saturday, 24 March 2007

08:00-12:15 Meeting Slot 1

12:15-13:45 Lunch

13:45-17:45 Meeting Slot 2

Day 2-Sunday, 25 March 2007

08:00-08:30 Closed ISOC Board meeting

08:30-12:00 Meeting Slot 3

12:00 Meeting Finished

Detailed Board Meeting Agenda

Day 1–Saturday, 24 March 2007

08:00-08:05 (0:05)
Agenda, Ratification of Minutes and e-votes, Apologies

Resolution 07-03: Approval of the minutes of the 15th January 2007 meeting of the Board of Trustees
RESOLVED that the minutes of the 57th Board meeting of the Internet Society held January 15th, 2007 are approved.

Resolution 07-04: Confirmation of the Electronic Vote approving the 2007 IAB Slate.
RESOLVED that the following electronic vote is approved.
RESOLVED, that the ISOC BoT confirms the following slate of candidates for the IAB as per RFC 3777 and the submission by the IETF NomCom:

  • Barry Lieba,
  • Loa Andersson,
  • Kurtis Lindqvist,
  • Danny McPherson,
  • Dave Thaler,
  • Lixia Zhang.

The ISOC BoT thanks the NomCom and its chair for their excellent work.

Resolution 07-05: Confirmation of the Electronic Vote approving the Indemnification Agreement for the IETF Trust
RESOLVED that the following electronic vote is approved.
RESOLVED, that the Board approve the Indemnification Agreement for the IETF Trust per the document: Indemnification – IETF Trust.doc and authorize the President and CEO to execute said document.

Resolution 07-06: Confirmation of the Electronic Vote approving the Indemnification Agreement for the ISOC Board, ISOC CEO and the Officers and Management of ISOC
RESOLVED that the following electronic vote is approved.
RESOLVED, that the Board approve the Indemnification Agreements for the ISOC Board, ISOC CEO and the Officers and Management of ISOC per the following documents:

  • Indemnification-ISOC Board.doc
  • Indemnification-ISOC empl.doc
  • Indemnification- ISOC CEO.doc

and authorize the President and CEO to execute said documents as appropriate.

08:05-08:30 (0:25)
Proposed Board Work Plan-Karrenberg

Before the meeting the chair will collect any additional work items and revise the work plan as appropriate. The board will estimate the amount of elapsed time and meeting time for each work item and prioritise them. The result will be version 2.0 of the board work plan. The time horizon of the plan will eventually be 12-18 months.

Note that the chair intends to fix the 2008 meeting dates. A proposal for dates will be circulated just prior to the meeting.

GOAL: Discussion of Board Work Plan v. 2.0PROPOSED RESOLUTION: None Required

08:30-09:00 (0:30)
AC Update-Juskevicius/Monroe

GOAL: The AC will update the ISOC Board identifying any significant points of interest/discussion.


09:00-10:30 (1:30)
IETF/IAB/IASA updates-IETF, IAB and IASA Chairs

Note: the new IETF Chair is Russ Housley, both IAB and IAOC Chairs are unknown at this time but the IAOC Chair will definitely be someone new)

Significant changes are expected this year in the IETF and IASA leadership and at the same time the IETF is working to address some fundamental and strategic areas affecting the development of the Internet. This work and the challenges they see should inform our Strategic discussions. The joint lunch held the day before will begin to advance our collective understanding of priorities and/or challenges facing the Internet and/or our organizations.

GOAL: Input to ISOC’s Strategic Plan and/or Major Initiatives


10:30-10:45 (0:15)

10:45-12:15 (1:30)
Chapter/Regional Bureau Update–Monroe, Lord, Bekele, Bellagamba

ISOC has embarked on a strategic multi-year Chapter Development Program, and a number of new initiatives with respect to Chapter Development have been implemented over the last few years, and more are planned. As part of this effort ISOC approved the piloting of a Regional Bureau concept and two Bureaus were launched last year. One each in Africa and Latin America. We have a practice of featuring chapters during our Board meetings and this would be an opportune time to review the regional bureaus as part of that series.

GOAL: Review various activities underway with respect to Chapter Development as well as review the Regional Bureau program to serve as input to ISOC’s 2008 – 2010 Planning process

Resolution 07-07: ISOC Board of Trustee Welcomes New Chapters
RESOLVED, that the ISOC Board of Trustees warmly welcomes the new ISOC chapters which were chartered and approved since the last Board meeting; ISOC Burundi, ISOC Romania, ISOC Democratic Republic of Congo and ISOC Republic of Congo.

12:15-13:45 (1:30)

13:45-14:45 (1:00)
Membership Policy-St.Amour/Monroe

Discussion of various activities underway with respect to membership and chapter development and policies.

GOAL: This session will be used to guide our activities in preparation for “deeper dives” into various elements of our chapter and membership activities. For our planned timetable see the Proposed Board Work Plan. We are intending to produce for our June 29th -July 1st, 2007 Board meeting a framework or outline that explains the structure of the document(s) being produced and highlights the main open questions and work items.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: None planned at this juncture

14:45-17:45 (3:00)
Major Strategic Initiatives Planning session-St.Amour/Lynch

ISOC staff are currently working to define a project and project plan (likely “Internet 2020”) that would identify areas where ISOC might launch a multi-year strategic initiative in support of critical developmental areas for the Internet. This initiative is expected to operate at the intersection of technology and policy, and we expect to work very closely with technology and policy experts/expert bodies. Supporting materials have been sent separately. We will close this session by reviewing the work of the Break-out groups and will review whether in aggregate these activities are Strategic or “impactful” enough or whether we need to keep exploring.

GOAL: Progress our collective thinking and agree next steps for a Major Strategic Initiative (MSI). Our goal is to take a final decision on whether our MSI is “Internet 2020” or if we need to widen our explorations, at our June/July Board meeting. See Proposed Board Work Plan for high level schedule.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: None Required at this juncture

Day 2-Sunday, 25 March 2007

08:00-08:30 (0:30)
Closed Session

PIR Report and PIR Director Appointment Process-Ricart/St.Amour

Update on PIR CEO Appointment process as well as a review of the PIR Board of Directors Appointment process.

GOAL: Agreement on criteria for PIR Directors and process to be followed

Resolution 07-08: ISOC Board of Trustees Approves PIR Board of Director Appointment Process
RESOLVED, that the ISOC Board of Trustees approves the selection criteria as reviewed and authorises the president to issue a call for candidates with the intent to seat up to three Directors mid year 2006 in order to allow adequate transition time.

Note: this should then be ratified/noted in open session so that the resolution can be made public

08:30-08:50 (0:20)
Open Board Meeting Resumes

Project Funding Committee Review and Appointment

GOAL: At various times over the past years, ISOC management have had difficulty staffing the Project Funding Committee with the appropriate number of ISOC Trustees and/or appropriate mix of expertise. We would like to propose a resolution that gives management more flexibility while continuing an option for Trustee involvement. This is a change from the previous practice of filling the positions on the Committee with Board members only, and widens the pool of available expertise.

If this resolution is passed the policies governing this procedure will be updated accordingly. Separately, and subsequently, we will ask for volunteers from the Trustees for the Committee we are currently seating.

Resolution 07-09: Filling Positions on the ISOC Project Funding Committee
RESOLVED, that the CEO and designated staff as appropriate are able to fill the vacant positions on the Project Funding Committee from suitably qualified and willing candidates from the ISOC membership with relevant experience. This may include ISOC Board of Trustee members as well as other individuals from the ISOC membership with specific expertise.

08:50-09:20 (0:30)
President and CEO’s Operational Report-St.Amour

The president will give a short overview of the organization’s Operational report concentrating on topics of particular board interest not covered elsewhere. Current items are:

  • 2006 Preliminary Year end statements
  • Organization restructuring

Note: The following Operational Reviews have been provided by Management/Committee Chairs. It is expected that these will be reviewed largely over email and not expected to be discussed unless an exception is requested. Please send any comments or questions in advance. If we cannot respond adequately over email, we will make every attempt to find time during the Board meeting.

  1. Policy-Shears/Bommelaer
  2. Education-Rose/Kuehne
  3. Individual Members & Chapters-Monroe/Lord
  4. Organization Membership-Monroe/Dvorshak
  5. Communications-Thalhimer/Godwin
  6. 2007 IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA) Update-Lynch/Pelletier
    • IAOC update
    • IETF Trust update
  7. Ad-hoc ISOC-PIR Committee update-Ricart
  8. ISOC Nominations Committee update-St.Arnaud
  9. ISOC Elections Committee update – Baker

09:20-09:35 (0:15)

09:35-10:35 (1:00)
2008–2010 Board Priorities for input to ISOC’s planning process–Karrenberg/Ricart

Board has previously said they would like to give strategic level direction early in the planning process. This discussion would incorporate previous discussions re: the agreed Major Strategic Initiative and any additional items highlighted during meetings with IETF leadership, the AC, from the Board reports or staff written reports.

GOAL: Begin establishing strategic level Board priorities for input to ISOC’s 2008 – 2010 planning and budgeting process

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: None Required at this juncture

Proposed Board Work Plan-Karrenberg

Revisit the Proposed Board Work Plan and make adjustments as necessary based on Board discussions

Fixing meeting dates for 2008 if not done earlier !GOAL: Approval of Board Work Plan v. 2.0


10:55-11:05 (0:10)
AOB/Close of Meeting

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