Board Meeting No. 56

11-12 Nov 2006, San Diego, United States

Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
1380 Harbor Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92101-1092

High level Agenda (for planning purposes)

Day 1-Saturday, 11 November 2006

08:00-12:15 Meeting Slot 1

12:15-13:45 Lunch

13:45-17:30 Meeting Slot 2

18:00-19:00 Optional slot (if required)

19:30-22:30 Board Dinner

Day 2-Sunday, 12 November 2006

08:00-08:45 Closed Board Meeting

08:45-12:00 Meeting Slot 3

12:00-13:30 Lunch (optional)

Detailed Agenda

Day 1-Saturday, 11 November 2006

Review Agenda and Ratification of past Minutes and e-votes

RESOLVED, that the minutes of the 55th meeting of the ISOC Board be approved as written.

Advisory Council Update-Juskevicius/Monroe

GOAL: Exchange of Information from Org. Members/AC Meeting

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: No Draft Resolution received.

Board Work Plan v 1.0

GOAL: Discussion and approval of Board Work Plan v.1

RESOLVED, that the Board adopt the Board Work Plan as proposed by the Board Chair and the ISOC President and CEO in Board Work Plan v1.0


President’s 2006 Operational Report-St. Amour

GOAL: Review Performance vs. 2006 Budget and Operating Plan.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: No Draft Resolution received.

  • President’s Report (L. St.Amour)

Reports have been submitted covering ISOC operations and financial performance:

  • Public Policy: 2006 program status (M. Shears)
  • Education: 2006 program status (K. Rose)
  • ISOC’s 2004 Strategic Planning Activity -A 2006 update (M. Kühne)
  • Organization Membership: 2006 program status (T. Monroe/D. McAuley)
  • IASA (R. Pelletier)
  • IAOC (L. Lynch)
  • Membership system survey report (P. Godwin)
  • Membership: project funding (D. McAuley)
  • IT: 2006 report (P. Godwin)

In addition, the following reports have been submitted given our role in supporting the IETF and related bodies:

  • IAB (L. Daigle)
  • IETF (B. Carpenter)

2007-2009 Budget and Financial Presentation-St.Amour/Staff

GOAL: Medium Term Financial Planning Approved by Board

WHEREAS the board wishes to agree on a budgetary plan for the medium term and thereby provide guidance to the CEO when preparing the annual budgets,
RESOLVED, that the 2007-2009 budgetary plan will be as documented by the 2007-2009 budget book (to be formally published following Board review and approval).

Department/Pillar Submissions:

  • Public Policy: 2007 programs (M. Shears/C. Bommelaer)
  • Education: Program budget annex
  • Membership: 2007 programs (T. Monroe)
  • Membership: Elections process (D. McAuley)
  • Proposed changes to elections procedure
  • Proposed changes to project funding procedure
  • IT: 2007 plans (P. Godwin)

2007 Budget-St.Amour/Staff

GOAL: 2007 Budget and Key Programs approved by Board.

RESOLVED, that the Board approve the 2007 Budget as presented by President and CEO Lynn St. Amour and as documented in the 2007-2009 Budget Book.


Review of Proposed MAJOR Strategic Initiatives (incl. 15 min. break)

GOAL: Develop a short list of projects for further development by staff. Approval and final decision expected at March 2007 Board meeting.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: No Draft Resolution received.

Review of financial options to support Major Strategic Initiative(s), Public Support Test for Charitable Organizations and long-term financial planning-St.Amour/Ricart

GOAL: Financial operating and net asset targets will be covered under the Budget Review, but a further review of financial options to support a Major Strategic Initiative(s), the Public Support Test for Charitable Organizations, and long-term financial planning would be helpful as we progress our work on Strategic Initiatives.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: No Draft Resolution received.

Board Dinner: Location TBC

Day 2-Sunday, 12 November 2006

Closed Board Session

GOAL: Appoint new PIR Board of Director and review any other PIR related items as required.

NOTE: Closed session may be extended to review IASA budget details if contract negotiations with the RFC editor have not concluded.

ISOC NomCom Appointment-St.Arnaud

GOAL: Review and approve the 2006-2007 Nominations Committee.

RESOLVED, that the Board accept the ISOC 2006-2007 Nominating Committee slate as proposed by Nomcom Chair Bill St. Arnaud.

Proposed Nomcom slate:

  • Bill St. Arnaud (chair)
  • Ole Jacobsen
  • Jonne Soininen
  • Mike Nelson
  • Kilnam Chon
  • Daniel Stern
  • Wladyslaw Majewski
  • Alex Gakuru
  • Kimberly Claffy

Governance Proposal re reducing Board Size-Baker

GOAL: Introduction and Discussion of Proposal. Expectation is that the Board may want to continue discussion and any final decision will be taken at the Board meeting in March 2007.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: None expected given two phase process, but a decision whether to engage in this discussion is expected.


ISOC’s Role in IETF Process Documents

GOAL: Historically, the ISOC Board has “accepted” IETF Process RFCs as being the IETF’s documentation on how it works, (the ISOC board has not “approved” the RFCs – to ensure there is no confusion as to whose documents these are).

RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees accepts or confirms its acceptance of the IETF process documents current at this time, and accepts the responsibilities of ISOC as described in the documents submitted by the IETF Chair (B. Carpenter) per the document submitted to this Board meeting:

  • ISOC’s responsibilities in the IETF standards process

Chapter Status Report-McAuley/Monroe

GOAL: Review of the level of activity and status of all Chapters in support of the strategic operating program that is being proposed re: chapter development.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: No Draft Resolution received.

  • Chapters: 2006 program status (T. Monroe/D. McAuley)
  • Chapters: 2006-10-24 survey status

Thank you and recognition to departing VP of Public Policy Michael R. Nelson and staff member David McAuley.

RESOLVED, that the ISOC President and CEO and the Board of Trustees thank Michael R. Nelson for all his efforts and support as ISOC’s VP of Public Policy.

RESOLVED, that the ISOC President and CEO and the Board of Trustees thank David McAuley for all his efforts and support as ISOC’s Director of Membership and Chapters.


Meeting Finished

Lunch (optional)

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