Board Meeting No. 53

30 Jun 2006, Marrakech, Morocco

Karam 1 Room
Palais des Congrés

30 June 2006
Meeting #53: ISOC Current Trustees Board Meeting


  • Review of various reports-old and new Trustees in attendance
  • Ratification of electronic votes (as necessary)
  • Acceptance of past minutes
  • Audit committee 2005 Report-G. Ricart
  • Nominations Committee 2005 -2006 Report-D. Miloshevic
  • Elections Committee 2005-2006 Report-V. Markovski
1 July 2006
Meeting #54: ISOC Incoming Board meeting (AGM)

New Board is seated & Election of Board Chair

Board appointments/approvals for:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • ExComm
  • NomCom Chair
  • Elections Chair
  • Audit Committee Chair
  • Ad-hoc ISOC-PIR Committee Chair
  • (Re)-Appointment of ISOC’s representative to the IAOC

President’s report

Note: Key operational reports expected to be read ahead of time and reviewed off-line to maximize discussion time for most strategic items.

  • Membership-David McAuley
  • Policy-Matthew Shears
  • Education-Mirjam Kuehne
  • IT-Peter Godwin
  • Publications-Mirjam Kuehne, John Klensin

Strategic discussion I: Net neutrality (PDF – 938KB)

Framing the issue-P. Fältström & M. Shears (guest speakers to be invited as appropriate). Goals are:

  • to better understand the issue and how ISOC/ISOC Members can help
  • to help establish priorities for ISOC’s planning and budgeting process


Presentation by the ISOC Morocco Chapter (PDF – 175KB)

Strategic discussion II: High level value proposition & engagement models between ISOC and:

  • Organization Members-D. Karrenberg’s draft for discussion
  • Chapters-Franck Martin’s draft for discussion
  • Individual Members-F. Baker to provide draft for discussion

Goals are:

  • ensure we’re operating to one ISOC model
  • improvement in quantity and quality of interactions between members and ISOC
  • expansion of members involvement in and support to ISOC’s activities
  • to help establish priorities for ISOC’s planning, budgeting and fundraising processes



  • IETF Update–B. Carpenter
  • IAB Update-L. Daigle
    IAOC/IASA Update and review of 2006-2007 goals-L. Lynch
  • IASA Operations Update and Budget review-R. Pelletier

All Past Board Meetings

No. 53 (30 June 2006) AGM