Board Meeting No. 25

08-09 Dec 2001, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

All meetings will be held in the:

Grand America Hotel
555 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Room: Riviera 13
Tel: +1-800-621-4505
Fax: +1-801-258-6911

Saturday, 8 December 2001

Continental Breakfast in conference room


Other Reports

Publications Report
Organization Report
Chapter and Membership Report
Web and Systems Report

  • Confirmation of Electronic Votes
    • Resolution 01-09 Approval of NomComm Slate
    • Resolution 01-10 Revised Election procedures
    • Resolution 01-11 Approval of VP slate

President & CEO’s Report to the Board-L. St.Amour

10:00-10:45 Review of proposed By-Law changes-B. Carpenter 
The purpose of this session is to change the by-laws such that we have the flexibility needed to allow us to operate in a responsive manner: The proposed changes intend to achieve four things:

  1. transfer responsibility for defining the election constituency from the By-Laws to the Board of Trustees.
  2. give the Board the ability to appoint some Trustees.
  3. give the Board the ability to define classes of individual membership without modifying the By-Laws each time.
  4. change the majority needed for governance matters from 4/5 to 2/3, since with two or three members absent from each meeting, 4/5 has proved impractical. Note: We will be missing at least 3 Board members at this BoT.


Audited 2000 Financials-M. Conn

2001 Financials and 2002 Budget-L. St.Amour/R. Vaughan

  • Latest Financials (October 2001) and 2001 Year end Forecast
  • Cash Flow Update
  • 2002 Budget, incl. required business model changes and critical dependencies


ICANN At Large Membership Proposal-G. Sadowsky/All

  • Learnings from At large process
  • Opportunities for ISOC

Governance-B. Carpenter

ISTF-C. Maxwell

BoT and VP Dinner-Market Street Grill, 48 Market St. (one block from the hotel).

Sunday, 9 December 2001

Continental Breakfast in conference room

Discussion Topics/Proposals

Note: Each presenter is asked to clearly indicate any decision points in the reports and to distribute them prior to the 3rd of December.

  1. 9:00-9:15 NETSOC ‘Education’ Proposal (formerly IPv6)-L. Ladid
  2. 9:15-9:45 Conferences-R. Perlman
  3. 9:45-10:15 Public Policy and Public Policy Committee-D. Maher
    10:15-10:30 BREAK
  4. 10:30-11:00 AC Plans-update on plans to re-invigorate AC-O. Jacobsen
  5. 11:00-11:15 IAB-J. Klensin
  6. 11:15-11:30 Standards-S. Bradner
  7. 11:30-11:45 10th anniversary celebration of ISOC in 2002-All

Other Business


Since we have a very full agenda and we must end by 12:00 on Sunday, it is extremely important that reports be submitted prior to the Board meeting in writing to [email protected] (this is the extended Board distribution list) as well as to [email protected]. Any VP reports that are not specifically scheduled for formal presentations should be sent to the same address above as time permitting they may be reviewed.

Internet Society Advisory Council Meeting

Sunday, 9 December 2001

Lunch with BoT


AC Meeting

Dear Advisory Council Member,

The Internet Society Advisory Council (ISOC-AC) is made up of two representatives from each of the organizational members of ISOC. The role of the ISOC-AC is to act in an advisory role to the Board of Trustees (BoT) of ISOC.

Since its inception around 1993, the “active” part of the ISOC-AC has consisted of a handful of individuals whose main role has been to draft proposals for what the AC might do in relation to the BoT. To date, limited concrete action has resulted from these deliberations.

I would like to invite you to a meeting on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2001 from noon (lunch with the BoT) until 5pm, in room Riviera 13 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. The meeting is being held in conjunction with the 52nd IETF meeting. The BoT will hold meetings all day Saturday, December 8th, and Sunday morning until noon. You are encouraged to attend the BoT meeting as an observer. This will be an important BoT meeting where structural changes will be discussed, so it will be particularly important to attend this meeting prior to the AC meeting.

The objectives for the ISOC-AC meeting are:

  • Discuss the future structure of the Advisory Council.
  • Discuss the operation of the ISOC-AC: How can members best interact with the BoT, what are the mechanisms? What are members looking for in terms of information coming FROM the BoT?
  • Can we identify some “new blood” on the ISOC-AC? Can we start an active mailing list? How can we awaken the ISOC-AC from its currently dormant state?
  • Should we rename the ISOC-AC to The ISOC Organizational Members Council to more accurately reflect its composition?

If you have specific proposals, comments or presentations that you would like to make available prior to this meeting, please contact me as soon as possible. I would also very much like to know if you are planning, or not planning, to be in Salt Lake City for this meeting, and this will also help ISOC staff plan for room logistics, so please drop me a note.

For more information about the IETF meeting, including hotel and registration, please visit:

I look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City.

Ole Jacobsen-ISOC-AC Chair, Email: [email protected]

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No. 25 (8-9 December 2001)