Board Meeting No. 24

06 Jun 2001, Stockhom, Sweden

Sheraton Hotel
Room: Sheraton, Drottningholmsalen A
Stockholm, Sweden

Board, VP and AC registrations will be distributed at the Board meeting.

Meeting 23, Monday:

9:00-17:30 BoT meeting (breakfast avail. at 8:00 AM)
17:45-19:15 PM INET VIP/Sponsor reception-Scandic Continental
19:30-BoT/VP/AC Officer dinner at Fem Sma Hus (5 Little Houses)
Restaurant: Nygrand 10, 111 30 Stockholm ph: +46 08 10 04 82

Meeting 24, Tuesday:

9:00-12:00 BoT meeting (breakfast avail. at 8:00 AM)
12:00-13:15 Lunch with BoT and AC

Advisory Council Meeting

13:15-16:45 AC Meeting


  • Minutes of 9th – 10th December 2000 BoT Meeting
  • Confirmation of Electronic Votes
  • Resolution 01-01 Approval of IAB Nominees
  • Resolution 01-02 Approval of amendment to 2001 Trustees Election Timetable
  • Resolution 01-03 Approval of App’t. of Latif Ladid to fill the BoT Casual Vacancy

2. President’s Report-L. St.Amour

3. Financials

4. Conferences-Richard Perlman

  • INET 2001
  • NDSS 2001 and 2002
  • Future INETs

5. Advanced Networking Workshop (ANW)-George Sadowsky/Alan Greenberg (15 mins)

6. Elections

[Probable Lunch break]

7. Strategic Directions-ISOC-L. St.Amour/All

8. Executive Session

[Probable end of day one.]

9. Discussion Topics/Proposals

Since we must end by 12:00 on Tuesday and we may need additional time for the session on Strategic Directions, it is extremely important that all Committee and Action Reports be submitted prior to the Board meeting in writing to [email protected] as well as to [email protected] as there may not be the need nor the time to discuss all the reports in person. If there is time for the presentations VP’s should assume that these reports have been read and focus only on the areas needing input or approval from the Board. There will not be time for individuals to ‘read’ their reports.

10. Committee and Action Reports

11. Advisory Council-comments/inputs-Ole Jacobsen/AC Officers (30 mins.)

12. Other Business

13. Adjourn

Internet Society Advisory Council Meeting

Tuesday, 5 June 2001

12:00-13:15 Lunch with BoT
13:15-16:45 AC meeting

All Past Board Meetings

No. 24 (6 June 2001)