Board Meeting No. 160

Special Board Meeting No. 160

22 August 2021
14:00-14:30 UTC

Guide to Board session types:

  • Closed executive session: board members only.
  • Open to observers session: local and remote attendees are welcome to listen in.
  • Open forum session: local and remote attendees are welcome to ask questions, provide input, and discuss with the board. No open forum sessions are planned for this meeting.

Please note that the Board may invite particular individuals to participate in any session (e.g., as presenters) as needed.


Times on this agenda are listed in UTC.

1. Welcome, Apologies and Declaration of Conflicts-T. Hardie (5 mins)

2. Motion to approve funding to support ongoing activities of AFRINIC-T. Hardie (20 mins)

PURPOSE: To consider a motion in support of AFRINIC.

Resolution 2021-XX:Approve funding to support ongoing activities of AFRINIC
WHEREAS the Internet Society believes the continued orderly operation of number registries is in the interest of the Internet; and
WHEREAS the Internet Society trustees observe that legal action affecting AFRINIC may threaten that orderly operation,
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Internet Society staff are directed to develop and implement a plan, consistent with legal obligations and prudence, to support the ongoing activities of AFRINIC, with funding not to exceed $300,000, and to pursue said plan until such time as otherwise directed by the Board of Trustees.

3. Any other business-T. Hardie (5 mins)

4. Adjournment-T. Hardie

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No. 160 (22 August 2021)