Board Meeting No. 150

17 April 2020
12:30-13:00 UTC

Guide to Board session types:

  • Closed executive session: board members only.
  • Open to observers session: local and remote attendees are welcome to listen in.
  • Open forum session: local and remote attendees are welcome to ask questions, provide input, and discuss with the board. No open forum sessions are planned for the 17 April meeting.

Please note that the Board may invite particular individuals to participate in any session (e.g., as presenters) as needed.


Friday, 17 April 2020

Open to Observers Session

12:30-12:33 UTC         
1. Welcome, Apologies, Declaration of Conflicts–G. Camarillo (3 mins)

Move to Closed Executive Session

12:33-12:59 UTC         
2. Challenge to election results–A. Sullivan (25 mins)

PURPOSE: To discuss a challenge received concerning the Board of Trustee election results.

12:59-13:00 UTC        
3. Adjourn Meeting 150

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No. 150 (17 April 2020)