Board Meeting No. 144

19 March 2019
13:00-13:45 UTC

Guide to Board of Trustees session types:

  • Closed executive session: board members only.
  • Open to observers session: local and remote attendees are welcome to listen in.
  • Open forum session: local and remote attendees are welcome to ask questions, provide input, and discuss with the board. There are no open forum sessions scheduled for the Kobe meeting.

Note: The Board may invite particular individuals to participate in any session (e.g., as presenters) as needed.


Open to Observers Session

1. Welcome, Apologies and Declaration of Conflicts – G. Camarillo

Move to Closed Executive session

2. Interview candidates for Treasurer – G. Camarillo

  • Richard Barnes
  • Harish Pillay

Resume Open to Observers Session

3. Vote for Treasurer – G. Camarillo

4. Adjourn.

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No. 144 (14 March 2019)