Board of Trustees Meetings

All Meetings, Present to 1992

No. 108 (December 12, 2013)
Board Meeting

Board Meeting No. 108


20:45 – 21:00     I. Welcome/Apologies & Declaration of Conflicts – B. Hinden

21:00 – 21:15     II. Approve a CEO Contract – B. Hinden

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Resolution 13-XX: Approve a CEO contract

RESOLVED that the Board approves the proposed contract with Kathryn C. Brown to be the Internet Society Chief Executive Officer

III. Appointing an ISOC President

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Resolution 13-xx: Appointing an ISOC President

Resolved that XXX is appointed President of the Internet Society, the appointment taking effect at the end of the term of Lynn St. Amour as President and continuing through the end of the next Annual General Meeting of the Internet Society Board.